Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan

New Earth Cosmic Shaman

Kate Anjahlia Loye

Master Seer, Master Healer, Universal Channel Intuitive, Ascension Guide, Gatekeeper, Sound Journeyer

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Seeing through veil walls ... find core issues, remove obstacles and open new doorways with Anjahlia

What are you seeking...?


Let Anjahlia show you the way. Find the core issues, release karmic ties, open gateways to love, know your Soul, take your “Next Octave” step in consciousness for your ascension path!

“You may receive an akashic record, ancestral clearing, wisdom teachings for your evolution, emotional release, purification and gateway’s opening.  A whole new paradigm awaits you after your soul awakens from Anjahlia’s Soul Reading!  Her Echo Drum helps bring down Celestial Sound Codes for you and integrates into the body”.  Trevis from Crystal Connections, Wurtzboro, NY

“Life changing, outstanding and unique, there’s nothing quite like Anjahlia’s creative style of Reading/Healing/Sound/Trance download”. J.A.

Anjahlia’s SEER Soul Readings journey deeply , piercing veil walls, shifting unconscious beliefs, and illuminating your highest potential, your magical truth!


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Cosmic Shaman, Master Seer, Universal Channel, Master Healer, GateKeeper, Intuitive Empath

Anjahlia Kate’s Shamanic Soul Listening Reading is a blessing brought through enlightened wisdom teachers for your specific and most high priority for your life. 

“Anjahlia Kate Loye is THE Healer's Healer !!

There is no one else I recommend to fellow energy healing practitioners more often, because she will always help get you to YOUR next level of development as both a client and practitioner....Thank God for Anjahlia Kate’s assistance during that time.

I needed a specialty energy mechanic, and she is the BEST there is!" -SH

Shifting your consciousness, shifts your world to the Whole You, you came here to be!  Now!     Anjahlia

Below is a video New Earth creation from a Solstice Sound Event with Dance of the Divine Mother Shadow Play… enjoy the multidimensional spaciousness of New Earth here for you!

xxo anjahlia

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Here's a high frequency Interview with Angelic Shaman, Anjahlia

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Gaia's Garden welcomes you!

Gaia's Garden welcomes you!



Awakening reflections from the Masters as to who you are, your gifts, specialities,  and your mission purpose.  Illumined guidance along your ascension pathways.


***SEERship Trainings - modules of 6 live/recorded webinars. SEERship #5 ongoing!

Ongoing exploration to gain insight/inner sight. Opening your consciousness to the pure heart of the Unicorn Body and Seer Horn. Working together in our group merkaba with the ancient ones, and guardians for planetary service and ascension.

My Heart Mission is to assist each and all to find their light, to balance, radiate and share, so we all may live in the Grace of Peace and Harmony as co-creators and New Hue-Mans of the New Earth.
— Anjahlia, New Earth Shaman
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Vibrational Healing bringing you into multidimensional collaboration with the Universe through sound, light, color, frequency and language of light and your unique higher self!

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"You are a true seer, and a true healer..."

My “Next Octave” Soul Listening sessions with Anjahlia Kate have been life-changing. I was at a ready point in my evolution but Anjahlia Kate lit the flame with her gifts. After years of feeling stuck my career took off, and I have a love relationship for the first time in ten years. Anjahlia Kate is a true seer and channel. You will meet few like her in your life. She’s also really fun! So the sessions are very enjoyable as well as allowing you to know yourself and your mission, at a whole new level".  

-Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author, proff. and writer, NYC.


“My Soul received what it was yearning for…”

"The healing sessions with Kate Loye provides my soul with what it yearns for - which is a reconnection with Spirit, the knowing of Oneness. A gentle reminder that I am not alone, that I am loved. Trusting, I can let down the shields of my defenses and dance in harmony with the Gods and Goddesses, Guides and Archangels of my Council of Light, which surround and infuse my being in communication with all that is, which is the amazing truth of love. Plus, we have fun!"



"Anjahlia is THE Healer's Healer..."

There is no one else I recommend to fellow energy healing practitioners more often, because she will always help get you to YOUR next level of development as both a client and practitioner. I was introduced to Anjahlia Kate by another energy worker when my own situation had become insurmountable to handle on my own. I was a disaster on every level and had stopped working on others to focus solely on reassembling and healing myself. Thank God for Anjahlia Kate’s assistance during that time. I needed a specialty energy mechanic, and she is the BEST there is!



" indescribable experience of journeying..."

A session with Anjahlia Kate is an indescribable experience of journeying in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Other modalities of energy healing are straightforward ,singular, and basic by comparison. Her sonic journeys are transformative visionary healing experiences that affect the listener deeply. Each time I go back and listen to one again, it is a unique experience. You really won't find this anywhere else."




We are in an expanded time of great change!

Do you feel the inner pressure to enlighten?

YOU are the spark of higher consciousness WAKING UP!
— Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan