...some client feedback...

Kate Anjahlia is one of the most sincere, dynamic and authentic healers I have ever experienced!, ... and I have seen many on my path of ascension, and it's true!" Sherwood, NYC

"The healing sessions with Kate Loye provides my soul with what it yearns for - which is a reconnection with Spirit, the knowing of Oneness. A gentle reminder that I am not alone, that I am loved. Trusting, I can let down the shields of my defenses and dance in harmony with the Gods and Goddesses, Guides and Archangels of my Council of Light, which surround and infuse my being in communication with all that is, which is the amazing truth of love. Plus, we have fun!"-JH

“Anjahlia Kate Loye is THE Healer's Healer !! There is no one else I recommend to fellow energy healing practitioners more often, because she will always help get you to YOUR next level of development as both a client and practitioner. I was introduced to Anjahlia Kate by another energy worker when my own situation had become insurmountable to handle on my own. I was a disaster on every level and had stopped working on others to focus solely on reassembling and healing myself. Thank God for Anjahlia Kate’s assistance during that time. I needed a specialty energy mechanic, and she is the BEST there is!

Anjahlia Kate offers gentle, fearless guidance along with a very finely tuned Cosmic antenna. Her intuition is spot on and she can target energetic blocks and disharmonies and immediately bring them back into balance. She has an incredible awareness of what is happening inter dimensionally during each session. Has an impressive ability to remain down to earth while still going "far out" into the Highest of dimensions.

A healing session with her is a multilayered symphony of energetic adjustment that provides immediate change, yet continues to unfold long after the session has ended. I feel teams of benevolent beings surround and support me. Each session ,she channels specific High level guides who are exactly the ones I need for that day. I receive an energetic adjustment and personal channelled guidance. It is the best prescription for self care I can think of!

A session with Anjahlia Kate is an indescribable experience of journeying in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Other modalities of energy healing are straightforward ,singular, and basic by comparison. Her sonic journeys are transformative visionary healing experiences that affect the listener deeply. Each time I go back and listen to one again, it is a unique experience. You really won't find this anywhere else."

-Stephanie Hogarth

~Hi Kate Anjahlia

Since our last session I feel like there is a lot less resistance in life and things are a lot more effortless.  You did a great job in unclogging my blockages!

For instance I don't feel the need to do things that drain my energy such as watching movies or dramas online to numb my brain out after work.

I have been going to sleep early and waking up early so I can devote more time to meditation, Tai Chi, and working on my online business.

Since my sleep patterns have been better my dreams are a lot more lucid and I can actually remember my dreams a lot more.

Also I feel like I have a lot more clarity in terms of having the vision to guide me towards where I want to go towards life.

I am really focusing on building an online business so that I can quit my job and have the resources to do the things I want such as deepen my healing and spend more time with friends.  This will be a massive turning point of transforming my life from a mindset of scarcity to abundance.

Lastly I am super excited about going on this journey with you to see how I can further develop my psychic abilities of clairvoyance!

Thank you Kate for being such a compassionate, wonderful, caring, and loving human being!

Warmest,   Dave

From Faery Sessions:

"Anjahlia's work has been very profound and helped me heal and shift patterns in my relationships which hadn't moved otherwise. In addition it reopened my creativity in many ways, allowing me to feel confident, trusting in the divine and in the worth and value of my creations which have expressed through writing, painting, drawing, networking and new work projects that are aligned to my soul and mission... With all my heart, thank you xoxo. Svara, Switzerland"

Heart Opening With  Anjahlia Kate Loye , Forever changed…- 

I’ve been blessed to know and work with Anjahlia Kate for over three years. But something very different happened in one of our sessions….little did I know that Tuesday morning my life would forever be changed. 

As usual Anjahlia Kate and I were scheduled to have a soul listening session and she was going to call me after. Well, she didn’t have to call me, I called her because I could actually feel my heart pounding outside of my chest and I wasn’t sure what was happening.  Without doubt I knew it wasn’t medically

related, it was something else and very significant! Before I could even ask Anjahlia Kate what the heck was happening, she answered the phone and said “did you feel your heart open?” Anjahlia Kate shared with me that she found my heart broken and glued together with some kind of “old goopy gum” and by the end

of the session my heart was bright and whole again…the old goopy gum was gone. All I know is that pounding went on for almost a week. It was the most intense and amazing feeling. So amazing I didn’t want the pounding to stop….the feeling was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. 

I will forever be GRATEFUL to Anjahlia Kate for helping my heart awaken and allow me to truly feel and experience the meaning

of Unconditional Love.  

D. Leone

Hi Anjahlia:

I was with you last Tuesday for a Soul Listening Reading.  Thanks very much for the beautiful and intense session!!

I talked about a large public art project I am doing for a station of a light rail line. Filling a whole new light rail station with art. The first designs were my favorite. But these became very controversial in the literary sense of the word. Residents in the neighborhoods around had very articulated opinions. Several loved it very much. Several were shocked and furious. In a public hearing about it, people were strongly debating the designs. With strong emotions. Fierce in favor, fiercely against.

With design proposal nr. 5 the emotions became low. Ranging from people who could live with it to still very enthusiastic residents. So we all decided to continue with this one.

In the meantime, the City Council Member in whose district it will be built has been a strong vocal opponent of my art proposals. All of a sudden the man became member of the board of the company that builds the entire line and is the public transport provider. And in his new position as "boss of all my bosses", he made all my art proposals to be rejected. No way I could do any of the 5 proposals. All and everything blocked (highly unusual, as board and staff members do not and may not interfere in the design qualities of the art and architecture, that is done by an art committee).

That's where we were Tuesday before my session with you.

I promised to update you in case "something" happens.  So, here we go....

Yesterday, end of day, the phone rang: The City Manager himself came up with a new plan. They want my art in the second station that will be built on the railway line. And swap my work with the artist working on that station.

Not only this, but they also want my first original designs in that station. These original designs (I liked them much more, the last designs were a bit too decent and tame) were the ones that gave commotion in the community. Strong in favor and strongly against.

I am still speechless and still in my WOW state-of-mind!. 

Happy holidays!!


 HVM, Artist Sculpture



 “Since I began working with Kate Anjahlia, I have further blossomed in my evolution, as a healer and as a catalyst for awakening.  Her ability to access the higher planes and celestial beings is such that it has removed ancestral implants, helped me connect with my intergalactic family that I didn't realize I had, and liberated areas of myself that I didn't realize needed liberating. Each activation has been dynamic and necessary to my upleveling on my ascension journey. 

 Another important dynamic is that my TWIN FLAME partner has had sessions with her, too, which helped him greatly get in touch with himself as a seer. Together, he and I have since further awakened into our power, and we are tapping into our greater purpose, towards oneness, which can be very difficult for TWIN FLAMES to achieve. Her work is truly a blessing."

Margarita Alcantara NYC accupunturist 

“Anjahlia as a Master Seerer is integrating people’s higher bodies of light, working with their consciousness, finding their specialities, assisting them to find their christed nature and return to oneness.  Her work is for the high level initiates ready to move through their initiations on their path of ascension.”  Amaya Ma Kumara

"You are a true seer, and a true healer...

My three Next Octave sessions with Kate have been life-changing. I was at a ready point in my evolution but Kate lit the flame with her gifts. After years of feeling stuck my career took off, and I have a love relationship for the first time in ten years. Kate is a true seer and channel. You will meet few like her in your life. She’s also really fun! So the sessions are very enjoyable as well as allowing you to know yourself and your mission at a whole new level".  Ruth Ben-Ghiat


"My vision for 2017 was to evolve my career as an author, and I can’t help but think that the Huffington Post contacting me for an interview the very next morning after the first class is true synchronicity.  Another branch of my visioning is to simple BE. As a early childhood family problem solver, it’s been a lifelong struggle for me to BE.

Since working with Kate Anjahlia, I have found more peace than I have had for years, really relishing in the divinity of self and the world.  Letting go of the TO DO lists more.  

I highly value the work that Kate Anjahlia is doing in the world.  She is a true alchemist of spirit.   I trust her to the Universe and beyond!"

As I had thoughts of the Visioning project in my mind the days leading up to these classes, I can't help but think that The Huffington Post contacting me for an interview on the very morning of the first class is true synchronicity since my vision for 2017 is to evolve my career as an author. Another branch of my visioning is to simply BE, as opposed to DO, a lifelong struggle for me, since I had to be a family problem solver from an early age. Since working with Kate Anjahlia, I have found more peace than I have had for years, really relishing in the divinity of self and world, letting go of the TO DO lists somewhat. I highly value the work that Kate Anjahlia is doing in the world. She is a true alchemist of spirit. I trust her to the Universe and beyond.

Jacinta Bunnell, artist  and author

TESTIMONIALS for The "PORTAL PATH" 8 month intensive mystery path 

In my year long shaman training with Kate

I found the safety to quickly release old constraining

patterns and negative beliefs,and with Kate's loving support

have found a renewed sense of self worth,which has opened up my life

in countless ways.

I was able to build an emotionally strong foundation,from which 

i can now be creatively more expressive.

Just sitting with Kate in her high vibration is uplifting to the spirit.

I felt that deep energetic shifts were happening after each meeting.

I am gratefully enriched from the experience,as my life continues to expand

in so many directions at once.

I eagerly look forward to continuing the training as a new Shaman!

Thank you for your beautiful spirit!    Cornelia Logan


As a member of "Portal Path ship 1"  I can tell you

Portal Path Ship is  a magical journey not to be missed.  Kate and her guides are phenomenal as they lead the group into the most beautiful experiences while providing  a safe and sacred space for all to expand on a spiritual and personal level.  A very powerful accession journey guided with wisdom, love, music, and ceremony.    Linda Shultz


As a "portal path ship  1"  voyager I can tell you this is a don't miss voyage.

Kate  brings her talents and gifts along with her guides as they create a safe and sacred space for you to expand your spiritual and personal self.  The voyage is filled with magic, love, and support as you are guided through  ascension  path ceremonies, initiations, sound journeys, soul listening, nature outings, creative expression sessions writing and art.  This was a  Profound soul growth and life enhancing journey for me.

L.S.   Portal path ship 1

I came to a point in my life where I couldn’t keep living or should I say existing the way I was.  Life had to change and for the better.  I asked the universe to help me find a shaman - preferable female, and someone I could connect with, and would be a positive mentor.   I was not disappointed.  Anjahlia Kate Loye was that and more. 

She has helped me move beyond the limitations that had held me in an empty space for most my life.  The constant searching to find who I am, and what I should be doing with my life, was endless. Being trapped in my own mind was debilitating and laden with fear. 

Each session brought a new clarity and released old patterns, as well as an old way of thinking.  The sense of freedom was overwhelming.  She is a powerful soul listener with the ability to change the most negative situation into a positive life force.  I looked forward to each and every session, whether it was over the phone, in person or a 2-day retreat in her home; the outcome has been life changing. 

Thank you Anjahlia Kate for answering my call to the universe; I look forward to our continued work, and I can’t wait to attend your workshops.  They will be powerful and transformative.-       With Love,  AC