Seer Retreats

SEER JOURNEYS to sacred portals and sites

Whether we are local or global, our groups are a sacred initiation of your own spiritual evolution and consciousness, and the evolution of the collective consciousness of the New Earth for all humanity, we are in service!  In our sacred groups we weave with sound, light and frequency to restore the original blueprint of creation into the earth and our own light bodies!


Anjahia is called to travel with groups to sacred sites in world service throughout the world.  

The Groups have a mystical calling to activate the earth energies, honor the guardians, open portals, activate star gates, open ancient archives and akasha.  She reads messages from the 17th D Cosmic Mothers, the  Ancestors, and listens to the Guardians, Earth Spirits, and Devic realms.  Each Portal carries a consciousness, we access these teachings, receive personal parts that empower you, do healing, journey work with the the Guardians, your own Light Bodies, and with Mother Gaia’s work.

Anjahlia has the gift of being a Master Seer and journeys to travel into the site with the group consciousness in a merkaba.  Channeling the sacred energies, reciting the messages from the Cosmic Mothers,  Enlightened Ones, and Ancestors.  Receiving shakti transmissions, sonic tonal attunements and downloads for each personally and the group.  As Master Seer I connect to the Spirits and Guardians, we honor them in our ceremony.  Together we open portals with the Portal Keepers so they and the Portal Ways are clear for higher light frequencies, Time Travel, and raising of the Earth’s vibration.

Each Master Seer journey is an initiation.  Anjahlia's leads each group on beautiful, loving, deeply insightful and profound sacred sites.  We clear personal traumas and earth's traumas.  Journeying in channeled wisdom journey's by the

Enlightened Masters for your empowerment and wholeness!  Clearing the old to make a new pathway, where doors open and your consciousness evolves to co create the life you dream of.  This is a chance of a lifetime for such a powerful and meaningful journey for yourself and world service.


When I invested in Anjahlia Loye's Seer Solstice Retreat in Mt Shasta my intention was to celebrate my 40th birthday, strengthen my intuition and empower my inner core connection. What I received was beyond all my expectations. Combining deep visionary meditation work, journaling, sound healing, mineral spring baths and walks/hikes in sublimely peaceful mountain trails and scenic waterfalls, this 5 day retreat provided me with an opportunity to experience an intentional community--very much like a blueprint for a new earth! I was able to practice and develop my skills working in community with "we consciousness" from a stronger sense of self--emboldened by the mountain and Anjahlia's divinely guided channeling. I feel like I have a new and stronger foundation now--for who I want to be in the world. Can't thank you enough, Kate Anjahlia! I will highly recommended :)))

Laura Marcos
Universal Alchemy

"testimonial from Seer Journey to The Statue of Liberty & Lady Liberty's Temple" ;

"Being with with Lady liberty through Anjahlia channeling, was powerful ,loving and fun! Anjahlia's journeying was very expansive for me. Her channeling opened up my vision to deeper and higher portals. The next day my creative juices were flowing and I was super productive." - Sylvia Ra'hanah Moss


Visionary journeys to star and earth portals that accelerate your consciousness, enhance your DNA,  and advance your  evolution. 

Becoming Stewards and Gatekeepers of the New Earth.  Collectively using your seer intention to open closed communication to love and forgivenance through the dimensions of the earth, your mind and body!

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