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Sound Healing

Sonic Journeys

The vibratory tones of the Symphonic Gong is a reaction of our inner cosmos in relation to our outer cosmos. That which our Soul longs for is found and mirrored in the Sound Naad; the sound current of the Universe. It is an ancient tool of extraction, and blessing…

bringing us into our remembrance of whole. Of all that there is , that we are… in oneness. Our Holiness”. ~ Anjahlia

A Light Language Transmission to Honor the Ancient Water Dragon guardian of this sacred lake.


Anjahlia will guide you on a sonic sound bath.  Where angels and beings of light bring through blessings with the aid of cosmic gongs overtones, celestial crystal bowls, deep sonorous rings of himalayan metal bowls, tuning forks, rattles, chimes, bells.


The first half is purification and clearing of all that is not you and your signature.  The second half is filling with the resonance of who you are, as your cup is empty and ready to receive the higher fields.  


With the language of light, Anjahlia will chant you your own personal SOUL SONG.  This unites you with your original genome, your DNA, or mission and gifts in the multidimensional language of light.  


An energy activation of chakras and an enlightening dispensation is                                brought to you by Arch Angels.


Listening again and again, continues to bring you into a deeper resonance with your True Self, your multidimensional self.  Mind, body, chakras, soul, spirit communing in a map and pathway to a more unified conscious happy being… lightened,… enlightened and attuned to nature and all things once more!


Schedule a sound healing

For your BODY

For the EARTH





$150. 60 minute Sound Bath or Sonic Attunement


~Your personal SOUND HEALING  in person or on mp3 sent to you.

May include toning, a sonic ACTIVATION, channeled guidance through word, frequency, color, geometry, and sound.  These are multidimensional tools to relay the true intricacy of your innate divine self in its original blueprint, or authentic nature.



Unique for you,  your personal channeled high frequency tonal, language of light, color, geometry, sound SIGNATURE  MP3. 

A SONIC ATTUNEMENT for your soul's original song!  $150. per sesson



Receive your own personal channeled GONG Meditation MP3.  The Gong is a bell, a wake up bell of overtones and geometrical structures that allows you to enter into the vast stillness of the voidal source.  Reflecting and resonating in all the capacities of your humaness, your infiniteness.  Thus, upon hearing this tonal replication  of your wholeness, your ego drops away, your mind stills, your authentic nature settles into your Seat.  You feel more balanced , harmonized, transcendent of the trails of this earthly polarized life.

Anjahlia, Cosmic Shaman, seer, channel, intuitive, master healer, sound healer and song weaver. Shares a little about a Sonic Light Language song for your Soul! Using her alchemy crystal bowl, energy, sound, light, and love. www.anjahlia.com




These are ascension sound journey’s to awaken your mission purpose and ground the higher dimensions into this dimension, into our New Earth Stargate. 

We are awakening as individuals to the greater collaborative consciousness of ourselves, as all others, and as our Mother Earth , and our Divine Presences.

These cosmic journey’s are for the novice and for the  initiates , all those guided on the path of awakenment.  You may not need any spiritual background, yet, your inner flame glows and dances with the frequency of the sacred music, song, and chant. 

These Journey’s are channeled wisdom teachings from our Celestial Christed Guides.  I am a Sound Journey Weaver , here to assist you to reclaim your true nature.  The Christed Fields lie within.  We traverse through the maze, through the mystery school.  The Gateways are opened as we visited multidimensional stages, are given gifts, tools, dispensations that assist our awakenment along this mysterious journey .

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ANJAHLIA KATE LOYE and RODNEY BEAN An Ascension Trance Sound Journey w language of light EQUINOX portal FULL MOON NEW MOON AND FULL MOON ANJAHLIA KATE LOYE with RODNEY BEAN JOIN US! in sacred ceremony for our ongoing upgrades...
ANJAHLIA KATE LOYE and RODNEY BEAN An Ascension Trance Sound Journey EQUINOX portal FULL MOON NEW MOON AND FULL MOON ANJAHLIA KATE LOYE with RODNEY BEAN JOIN US! in sacred ceremony for our ongoing upgrades... on a TRANCE SOUND JOURNEY for your ascension path RODNEY BEAN shares his seasoned musical abilities & gifts to create a sensitive, creative, and unusual sound scape of World Percussion.