Soul Reading

Multidimensional alignment to who you came here to be!

Your Experience...

being understood and witnessed,  by Anjahlia's Seership to find your brightest gifts, your truest self!

 ....a frequency transmission of your Soul & Higher Self answering the questions of your heart

Hear guidance from your Christed Council: including guardian angels, ancestors, animal totems, ascended teachers, and your star family

Receive chakra upgrades and purification of blocking energies in a Gateway Clearing.  Getting clarity to move along new pathways in your life.

Navigate your current soul initiations with a Soul Journey with your own Akashic Records, Earth Portal or Star Portal.

Download new belief systems directly from the Source to reprogram underlying present & parallel life issues

Receive a SOUL SONG in the language of Light to align your IAM Flame and your soul’s awakening.

Be blessed by divine transmissions of light and love blessings from your Ascended Master mentors.

Being deeply seen, heard, known, accepted, loved and honored by an Enlightened Council unique to you! The multidimensional integrated new earth YOU!

Seer Soul Akashic Record Readings


You may receive an akashic record, ancestral clearing, wisdom teachings for your evolution, emotional release, purification and gateway’s opening.  A whole new paradigm awaits you after your soul awakens from Anjahlia’s Soul Reading!  Her Echo Drum helps bring down Celestial Sound Codes for you and integrates into the body.  

“Life changing, outstanding and unique, there’s nothing quite like Anjahlia’s creative style of Reading/Healing/Sound/Trance download”. J.A.


An Akashic Record is the record of your Soul’s history, past, present and future. As well as your Soul’s Karmic History. Why a record comes up, is to reveal it so any Karma that is limiting you may be balanced back into love. As a multidimensional shaman/seer, I can travel backwards in time to what record is “ready and ripe for revealing”. We see and read the time period, not to hold onto a “story” but to release any trauma, discordant emotions, or unresolved soul loss with lovingly reviewing it. Calling for your heart to be flooded with Universal Laws of forgiveness, compassion, reflection, karma, and liberty. Forgiving, thanking, and balancing any Karma or aspects. Supporting your freedom, empowerment, love, light and harmony! These core issues, then flood through your light body and chakra systems and shapeshifts your life in direct reflection of love , light, and empowerment for your highest good and happiness!


Soul Readings listen deeply to you soul, helping you to release the old and tangled, the ancestors, the out of balance in your masculine side or your feminine side, or your soul!  

Aids you to reclaim your alignment to your truth, and let go of the debris, the shadow, the trauma.  

What is your heart dreaming?   

Do you listen to your soul, to your heart?  

The Enlightened Ones and I “read” you, your past, your present, your future potential.  

We reveal your special gifts and purpose, your Soul’s creative plan aligned with your Divine Purpose.  

We open gateways, bring special help, go on a visionary journey, retrieve lost parts for your personal empowerment and creativity.   

Which help you co create, empower and manifest your future self and path.

Pricing: 60 minutes $225.00 & 90 minutes $333.  sliding scale

recommended 90 minutes for first session. 

More session options and prices click "more info"

"You are a true seer, and a true healer..."

My “Next Octave” Soul Listening sessions with Anjahlia Kate have been life-changing. I was at a ready point in my evolution but Anjahlia Kate lit the flame with her gifts. After years of feeling stuck my career took off, and I have a love relationship for the first time in ten years. Anjahlia Kate is a true seer and channel. You will meet few like her in your life. She’s also really fun! So the sessions are very enjoyable as well as allowing you to know yourself and your mission, at a whole new level".  

-Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author, proff. and writer, NYC.

“I personally worked regularly with Kate for 1.5 years when I was going through the WORST of the Joan of Arc lifetime clearing/ clearing for the collective. I was a train wreck at that time. Her guides had told her to expect me, and told her that her skills had been honed in preparation for our work together because I needed a "specialty mechanic". Like the way a Lamborghini needs to be taken to a Lamborghini mechanic because a regular mechanic won't know how to optimize it, I have an energetic system with certain unique features that are far removed from normal and cannot be treated by any standardized approach....because I have a unique job with very extensive, layered, multi-dimensional circuitry. Kate was shown what to do with ME specifically.This is why I recommend her! ( One time she said -" Oh! It's like your'e a SHIP!" Which is true. I am. But I was SO GLAD she saw it too...LOL!) 

If you are one of the people who follows me, and you feel you would benefit from optimization and VERY HIGH-DIMENSIONAL energy tweaking - Kate is one of two people I recommend.  Kate Anjahlia Loye works with interdimensional helpers from ALL KINGDOMS and ALL REALMS -Unicorns, Fairies, Elementals, All Highest Level Guides and Ascended Masters....And during a session with her whoever YOU NEED specifically will come to help you. She really is a worthy investment in self-care.” Stephanie Ark Hogarth

Anjahlia, Cosmic Shaman, seer, channel, intuitive, master healer, sound healer and song weaver. Shares a little about a Sonic Light Language song for your Soul! Using her alchemy crystal bowl, energy, sound, light, and love. www.anjahlia.com
Karma is returning love, where love is lost!
— Anjahlia