Seer’s Seer, Healer’s Healer

Anjahlia Kate Loye is an international Channel of the Universal Realms, Master Seer, Master Level Healer,  Gatekeeper, New Earth Path Teacher, Gong Goddess and Ascension Sound Journeyer,  Ordained Minister, Artist.  Continuing female lineage Cherokee Medicine  carrier.

Step through the doorways of initiations to meet yourself!
Joining heaven to earth, Shambhalla inside and out!
Heaven on Earth!
— Anjahlia


Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan, God Presence Name, original soul's name

Degrees and certifications

She has a BFA in fine art from Tyler School of Art, Philadephia 20 years of studying in healing modalities

Graduate of IM School of Healing Arts, 4 yr training

Reverend/Ordained Minister. - Church of Gaibriel

Certified in several Energy Psychologies

Certified with Sandra Ingraham Shamanic Journeying

Certified with Upledger Cranial Sacral

Graduate Mentor Guide for the Divine University,  the Sirius Library Qala Sri’Amma Phonenix

Keeper of the Christ Gateways of Creation

Ambassador of Universal Awareness and Consciousness

Gatekeeper of Galactic, Celestial and Universal Realms

For over 20 years Anjahlia has been working professionally in the field of energy science and healing.  She calls herself a cosmic shaman because it defines her combination of a shapeshifter,  journeyer,  a sensitive, visionary, and multidimensional telepathic nature.  Working for the ascension path of all beings, in creation, with the Christ Grids, lei lines, earth and star portals.  A Gatekeeper through the Universal Realms.

Anjahlia is an embodied channel of the Enlightened Ones, the Ascended Masters.  Her amazing sentient gift of “listening” goes beyond receiving the wisdom of the Masters and can be applied to wisdom directed through all dimensions of  all worlds.  Seeing through the veil walls as "lightening" work.

 Visual images of Masters, Geometry’s, Temples, Ancestors, Flowers,  plant kingdom, the crystal kingdom, the animal kingdom, magical kingdom, inner earth and middle earth, the Ashtar Command, the Ships, Gaia,… all lend their wisdom teachings for your unfolding.  

She is a seer’s seer, a visionary since childhood.  This gift allows her to channel from the masters wisdom, and see the vision and watch it as it unfolds.  Leading to a journey for your highest benefit and priority,  from the intention of your hearts longing.  

Being a innate Journeyer, Anjahlia travels with your soul, through time, space and dimension.  To visit past lives, the Akashic realms, while opening into councils of compassion and forgiveance like your Karmic Board.   Creating a map for your Presence to follow, to find its own way.

Working with creation in the Christ realms, the grids, lei lines, portals, and star portals bridging our ascension path.  Anjahlia is highly creative, as are the sessions and sound healings.

Her mission purpose is to help all those ready to “remember” their original selves, find their light, find their own self love, reveal their puzzle piece and gifts.  Then wake up and share their gifts and light!! 

Each journey is an empowerment.

Soul Retrievals to star or earth portal journey's, finding lost aspects of your wholeness, retrieve and bring back empowerments and gifts, creating a greater sense of Self.  So each and everyone, may embody their own true nature and live in happiness, balance and harmony with all things and mother Gaia.  Which is the ascension path!!!

Her hope is to assist you and all being along your  path of "lightening"!!! 



Meditation at the Open Center NYC , 1990

Jin Shin Do training at the Open Center NYC

Bon Tibetan Shamanism & meditiation

Shambhala Buddhism & meditiation

Tsultrim Allione’s: Feeding the Demons workshop at Kripalu

Sandra Ingerham  Soul Retreival Workshop at Omega  Shamanic Alliance

Andean Studies with Elenaora Amendalora, Chumpi Stones, Healing

Sacred Travels to Peru twice: and several  personal sacred initiation journey’s 

Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhagan) Teacher Training Certification taught by Harijiwan Khala

Gong workshops by Don Conreaux, Gong Master with Sage Sound Healing and  Gong taught by Harijiwan Khalsa, Gong Master .

Throat Singing/Whistling with Timothy Hill of David Hykes Orchestra

Sri’ama Qala Phoenix - Self Mastery School of Creation 2014

Keepership Retreat in Bali: Keeper of the Christ Gateways of Creation

Council: Galactic Council of Peace Studies

The Divine University and Sirius Library, ongoing studies with Qala, starting in 11/11 for the Shift and Ascension.

Sacred Retreat journeys with Qala to Egypt, Montana, Bali, Grand Canyon, Byron Bay Australia, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marias, Columbia with the Mamos.

Saga Member of "THE M.O.T.H.E.R. PROJECT", group of 6 sisters with Qala to assist the Mamo's sacred site protection for world service.

Graduate Mentor Teacher of the Divine University 3 “Happy Life” Sessions, and other teachings.  

Upcoming “Seer Lightship Project”;  Transcending Ascension Journey’s and future teachings for the D.U. and Sirius Library, including Portal Journey’s.

Mumara Guide for Lelama Sjamar's  "Divine Voice Mystery School" , the Divine University Sept 2019