Awakening reflections from the Masters as to who you are, your gifts, specialities,  and your mission purpose.  Illumined guidance along your ascension pathways.
— Anjahlia


Join our ongoing free! GATEWAY PROJECT! Each master number date, a gateway opens in our ascension pathway. Let us come together as Merkaba's of Light, Ship's of Light and open portals and star portals to co create greater group consciousness, awareness and the expanded IAM heart that it takes to awaken all humanity to get on board the New EArth and New Hueman divine plane... what do you say! YES! free! freedom! Let's co create the inner REVOLUTION! and make the changes, NOW!
This will be another wild and expansive, high frequency, channeled by the Enlightened Ones, multidimensional trance journey into the mystery of the RECALIBRATION FREQUENCIES OF 12/12 PURE POTENTIAL!


The master numbers 12/12 means stepping out of your comfort zone and starting anew in your life.  You begin pushing yourself towards something different because you are not at the place where you want to be on your journey.Also 12/12 symbolized your spiritual growth and awakening, manifestation of your dreams, and awareness of your infinite being.  Continue to remain Iin a positive frame of mind and steer your thoughts in the direction of your highest ambition.

12/12 Twin flames Unions -  Portal energies for the New Earth.  Manifesting Portal Dec 12-decHealthy closure.  Corridor of healing and Manifestation Portal. An epic shift 12/12 Expect emotional roller coasters, or melt downs.  Ascension symptomPlanetary alignment with milky way.  Higher consciousness energy and source energy, can propel you into what’s new and what’s next.   Ready to change?  Ease, grace and allowing Dec 12-22 heart based.  manifesting what your heart wants.  Being in a place of allowing, Allowing the universe to show you the next steps.

WELCOME beloved ones:

WE CALL in our special emissary team of Enlightened ones to guide us along our journey into the next GATEWAY.

We invite you to join us on our group MERKABA journey with Lord Serapis Bey to the Milky Way and the Pleiades, where we find a gorgeous glowing City of Light.  We learn to feel and receive the changes of the heightened frequencies, and honor the Guardians of the GATEWAY into the pastel, glowing, bliss full city of light with Pleiadian beings, and dolphins as guides.  A ceremony of FIRE, and a PILLAR OF LIGHT surround us, feeding us, purifying, and administering these frequencies of teaching.  Teachings of their way of living, what they have learned in their ascension process as a planet.  With these teachings of ascended frequencies of PURE POTENTIAL, a SCROLL is given.  To carry back with us in our hearts, to share in our creations and projects for the NEW EARTH, the New Children and the New Education!!  On our ongoing GATEWAY PROJECT GROUP WORK FOR ASCENSION OF THE NEW EARTH!

Where will we go next time…?  Join us!

xoxo anjahlia






Our last nite 11/11/18 GATEWAY TO TRANSFORMATION Transmission was so amazing to experience the frequency's of this new project... a group mission project to work with the Gateways and the portals and grids of the earth for the accelerated transformation of the New Earth! As a GateKeeper, I have felt passionately pushed to open this up for us to co create in a group merkaba light ship with the Magical Beings to clear relations, and all pathways to our own divine guidance, and the collaboratory heart developement within all beings! What an exciting adventure. Here is the free link, please feel free to share. And join our GATEWAY PROJECT! Watch for more on facebook and my website, or join my newsletter!

cosmic love, anjahlia and the magical ones

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Ama'Ya and Anjahia "Unicorn Miracles for your Everyday Life!


with Ama’Ya and Anjahlia!  Zoom Webinar 7 AUDIOS - $111.

Ama’Ya and Anjahlia 

International Spiritual Teachers and Channels

Invite you to a very special collaboration!

You Can Love All You See Through the Power of the Unicorn you may carry within you!

A one day, 7 AUDIOS, channeled co creative magical webinar workshop

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Ama”Ya and Anjahlia with the Rainbow Unicorn Mothers, the Holy Mother, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and the Emissaries of Light!

Our unicorn is a body of pure light and it carries blueprints of power, given by God, to see the divinity within all. What is this divinity, but the purity of God’s light and love. This is held within you as an aspect of your Feminine Power that is gifted to see, sense, know, feel, hear the divine within all, whether you are in a male or female body.

We are presently in a cycle of creation that is opening to fully and completely embracing the Divine Feminine principle and the power of the unicorn is an important part of this feminine force.

During this one day workshop offered in webinar form, Ama’Ya and Anjahlia will be supporting your unicorn consciousness to be ignited to a new level so YOU MAY LOVE AND SENSE ALL THAT YOU SEE, AS DIVINE

If the unicorn fascinates you, there may be a unicorn inside you, waiting to be discovered.

In our world today, our media coverage focuses upon presenting events that may imprint negatively upon the way we feel and what we think about. When we are strengthened to know, sense, see and learn to look for the divine that exists at the core of everything, we are held by the grace of the purity of our love and light as souls and undisturbed by outward appearances.

Our pure essence, the unattainable sweetness of our pure light and love is our miracle power and the eternal substance of our fearless hearts.

This is unicorn power!

COST: US $111

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SEERship #5

for seers, unicorns, seekers, ships, starseeds!

coming soon in April 18,25 May2,9,16,23 with 6 webinars on thursdays 7:00pmEST! to sign up and purchase go to Market!

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Path of Enlightening Channel 1-6

An ongoing Unicorn Awakening Trainings April 18,25,May 2,9,23 every Thursday at 7:00-9:00 w recordings and video emailed with questions and images!


Anjahlia’s multidimensional guided SEERship training have become more and more dynamic. And I am developing my INNER SIGHT! I am now seeing the images she channels before she speaks the visualization! It is also deeply fulfilling as we are doing the most beautiful group healing for our selves and the earth energies that want to be cleansed and awakened!” Cornelia L


Email to your interest and buy in the MARKET! Welcome on Board the Light Ship!

Welcome to…

SEERship Training Module#4 - “Disciplines of Love and Light”, Path of Enlightening

Become part of the “LIGHTENING MOVEMENT”!

Activate and access your divine sight & insight!

With Anjahlia, your favorite Cosmic Shaman Seer Unicorn Faery!

Oversouled by Collective Council of 12 Ascended Masters, Ships of Light, Rainbow Unicorn Mother Team,

Babaji, Maitreya, Sananda, Mahatma, Quan Yinn,Serapis Bey, Kuthumi, and my divine presence.

An ongoing, ... 6 week intensive program via global zoom webinar.

With mp3 recording on Zoom. Do it in live time, or listen later in your own right timing.

Offering ongoing Modules of 6 trainings that build and grow, and... you may come into our upcoming module. Joining live or later on mp4 recordings assist you to access the highest accelerations to raise your consciousness and frequency and the group Merkaba! This is a high frequency, experiential guided channeled Meditation, Journey to a earth or star portal, activations, initiations, Unicorns, Merkaba Ships of light, self transformational, enlightening process. That opens all the doorways of your heart, your soul, your spirit, as we become multidimensional living in 5D, as planetary Guardians of this New Earth Project! If you are a seeker, a seer, a dreamer, a visionary, a magical being…filled with hope for the new human and the new earth, then you will love these modules*** - Experience for yourself! TWO 90 MIN. FREE SEERship programs AUDIOS, to enjoy and get a sense of the teachings.

Testimonial of a continuing SEERship member:

Anjahlia’s multidimensional guided sessions of SEERship Trainings have become more and more dynamic, as I am developing inner sight! I am seeing the images described, before she fully completes the visualization! We are doing beautiful healing for ourselves and the earth energies that want to be cleansed”. Cornelia Logan, P.T. musician, sound healer


$133. Total early bird, before Feb 10 th and $148. Regular for the FIRST MODULE OF SIX

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STARTING THURSDAYS, FEBRUARY 21ST, 7:00-9:00 #1-Feb 21, #2-Feb 28,

#3- March 7, #4 March 14, #5 -March 21, #6 March 28

This series of 6 Intensive Trainings will identify your innate longing to be a part of the “LIGHTENING MOVEMENT”. This is an innate state within you, yet we say it must be activated.

Testimonial of SEERship

"Everytime I do work with Anjahlia, the most profound insight and transformation takes place... her skills as spiritual guided and teacher are nothing less than incredible. The seer course that I am training in with her has been profound as Anjahlia takes you deep into the multi-dimensional worlds to create true healing and the awakening of your spiritual gifts... I can't thank you enough Anjahlia. With all my love, Ra’shiym"



BABAJI: Beloved ones, From a place of over seeing, I say to you to look more deeply within. The transit is not from here to there, but to continue onwards, and inwards. It is a spiral factor. The journey that the ascended ones teach is to ride the Unicorn over the Rainbow to uncover the treasure, and to broadcast and spread the wealth. What do you think this means? Well, actually it is a path of the Lion. The Lion hearted. As it takes a deep and unabiding compassion with oneself to return to the heart of love. This module we take a turn to return love. As Anjahlia says, karma is returning love where love has been lost.

This is exactly what we shall do in our collective Merkaba, but ride the waves of co creatively, to come into a platform of undivided understanding, compassion, and exileration of the true pathos of the state of the human. From here, there spawns a greater collaborators sense of the Awakening Process. That the DOVE BODY brings us the information of the higher LOVE frequencies. That they merge and marry with the dark and the light. Saving the face of all those that deem themselves demons, and all those that aspire to be angels, and we marry them to reconsider a stance of generous perspective. That we anchor new cohesive collective consciousness. And we undermine the shadow, and consider the belief in unity that resides within all beings. It is this interactive state of self examination, and restitution that delivers us the PEACE SYMBOLS we need. The DOVE flys through! The Christ returns, the Grids of light open, the song lines, and lei lines activated, the dreaming body awakened, and the Antekarana brought home to Mother Gaia’s womb of creation. A New EArth is born !

We continue to delve into Portal restoration, Temple Revival, and reclaim lost aspects of ourselves in our multidimensional transits through star portals and earth portals. Meeting Ascended Masters, Sacred Sites, Guardians, Magical Beings, our Unicorn Seer Bodies, as well as Faeries, Elven, Giants, Dragons, Serpents, Ships, Dolphins, Whales, Pegasus, Doves, Devas, Undines of the Water, Flower, Tree, Crystal, Mineral Kingdoms


SEERship#4 Module will be fascinating in its ability to access higher dimensions, as well as become aware that these dimensions are part of you! Your Merkaba of Light beholds itself, and begins to shine! A self awareness process begins, that awakens the inner most Christ flame Merkaba. A Merkaba within a Merkaba System that opens doorways as we access the Gateways together. The inner spiral. Each Gateway we enter together has a new order of the matrix. Like stepping into new realms together. We as a group anchor this multidimensionality into the earth core, into the frame work of the establishment of the New Earth sub structure. Grounding the New Merkaba of Unity Consciousness and Peace. The DOVE BODY unites all fields, the Unicorn activates the DNA genome that accelerates a deepening of an innate blessing that the Unicorn Tribe brings through. The magical realms open the gateways so the new creations may flow. Rainbow Creation Serpents manage the lower realms. We visit star portals and earth portals retrieving empowerment’s, codes, keys, scrolls that are needed. Working together in our group Merkaba we visit lost and darkened Cities of Light, Temples, Star Portals and Star Temples. Co creating GAIAS GARDEN into creation! A multi faceted whirling, spiraling, kaleidoscope of GAIAS LOVE. All engaging in collective unity consciousness.


SEERship ch 1 -Behold the MERKABA of LIGHT

Welcome beloved journeyers from far away lands…

Together, we are opening a portal. We begin this module with where are we undermining ourselves? How does this show up in our field, in our lives? Will we have the capacity to learn and understand what messages are brought to us?

It is here that we will focus attention to detail, to our focus, to the midline. The center most point,… of even balance. This is the midline where we become inseparable from our own divine flame of Presence. Drawing deeply from this center within gives you the fortitude and strength to weather the lower, the darker aspects of our being.

You will receive Keis of Light, Keis of Love that transform fear, loneliness and separation. An activation of your Light Codes in the Cells of of light body.

Blue Mother Mary joins with her CLOAK OF BLUE LIGHT, that fixes a stabilization conditioning.

We Journey in our group MERKABA to the center of the EARTH Mother’s Belly. Engaging in a defining practice of unconditional surrender. Clearing and redefining the inner planes reconciling as we open the pathways, the gateways of surrender. The forgivenance necessary bring Mother Earth back into our hearts and the hearts of humanity. Accepting and loving our interplay, our place, our communion here on the Earth Dreaming Body.

The UNICORN MOTHERS offer a song of surrender. Advancing our innate trust and release of control issues. So that the dark and the light, the shadow and the sun ray each harmonizing full filling, emptying , and full filling once again. A spiraling, shadow, and light water fountain ever rising and falling in its automated true purpose of self regeneration, self definition, and self recalibration. Behold the Merkaba of Light!

SEERship4 ch 2- ELECTRA and the Unifying Unicorns AWAKE!

Beloved ones

This session we enter into a field of glory. We hold open our brave hearts, and behold the chalice grail! The Electra within us is a morphic field that waits ignitions. We ignite the pathways and illuminate any shadow. Magnetize a central poke of the mission wheel. That acts like a centering device.

The Unicorn Mothers play in this field of glory, and introduce you. We dance, play, and spiral our horns of glory. Magnetizing the magic. To form a trinity with Mahatma, Serapis Bey, and Kuthumi. In this Trinity we are given empowerments.

A Song of Unity comes to us from the Dolphins and the Whales. Opening up our celestial and galactic channels.

You will understand that “the fall” is just the beginning of a new cycle.

That you are guided deeply within, and supported by the Mothers and Masters to ascend, to awake.

As we surrender, we become one as a wheel as a Merkaba and travel to an underwater sea cave portal with St Germain in Bolivia.

SEERship4 ch 3-Capacity to LOVE ETERNALLY

SEERship4 ch 4-Grounding our VISIONING THE NEW LIGHT

SEERship4 ch 5 -Conditions of SEER ship INCARNATION

SEERship4 ch 6- Bliss as a factor of reclaiming OUR TRUTH

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Path of Enlightening Channel 1-6

An ongoing Unicorn Awakening Trainings November 8th, every Thursday at 7:00-9:00

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Welcome on Board Ship!

SEERship #3 ,

Path of Enlightening


Become part of the “LIGHTENING MOVEMENT”!  

Activate and access your divine sight & insight and your Unicorn gifts!

Channeled by Cosmic Shaman, Master Seer,  Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan (kate loye)

Oversouled by Collective Council of 22 Ascended Masters, Anjahlia’s Prescence, her Rainbow Unicorn Team, Maitreya, Sananda Christ, Mary Universal Blue Mother,  Quan Yinn, Lady Nada, Portia, St Germaine, Baba Gi, El Gobi, Hilario’s, The Temple of Enligtenment of the Unicorn Mothers, Kuthumi,  Metatron, Mahatma, Serapis Bey and the Galactic Council of Peace Studies

JOIN this delightful, high frequency, channeled teachings, activations, initiations, meditations, multidimensional journey’s, purification, sonic attunements, divine gifts and tools.  We quickly become our beautiful open hearts, and merge into our own spiritual Merkaba Light Ship!  Supporting our own ascension path, our mission and the collective consciousness mission to co creating the New Earth Paradigm.


This Module we will become more aware of our Merkaba Light Ship and begin to merge as a group Merkaba Light Ship and begin our planetary work in etheric journey’s to sacred Earth Portals and Star Portals.  Working our Unicorn magic into the grids of the Earth, our Light Bodies, and the opening consciousness of humanity to the Garden of Gaia we live upon!  

What a blessed journey, in a blessed divine time, all in accord with the Divine Plan and our own special gifts,… as Seers of light, and Unicorn LOVE POWER!

A 6 week intensive program via global webinar.

With mp3 recording on Zoom.  Do it in live time, or listen later in your own right timing.

Offering ongoing Modules of 6 trainings that build and grow, or you may join in freely to the LIVE sessions with Chat.   Or listening later with MP4’s.  With all the same high frequency and transmissions which  accelerations, raise your consciousness and frequency and the group Merkaba!

The Modules #1 and #2 are available to download, catch up with or come on to our LIVE with chat ZOOM channeling,  on THE MARKET at

WHEN: Thursdays six 120 minute Trainings

BEGINS: -NOVEMBER 8 , Thursday at 7:00-9:00 pm EST 

NOV 15, 29, DEC 6,13,20

(Email Anjahlia your registration at, and pay on THE MARKET,  and you will receive each week your access code to the zoom conference)

PRICE:  $133. Total early bird, for the #3 MODULE OF SIX, with Meditations and other gifts along the way from Anjahlia

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SEER ship #3, Path of Enlightening

SYLLABUS and INTRO to this Module

WELCOME to those returning in our group Merkaba of Light, and welcome to those who are new this module #3!



The Family of Light is a celestial  inter prize of enlightened councils that are cocreatively organizing the higher light and overlightening of all those that we call the “Family of Light”.  They are oversouling our Module, just as this over lighting  council is oversouling these teachings.  We share this with you, as many are entering into this Module of a more predetermined level.  This is quickly becoming a MASTER CLASS.  You as beings of light, are becoming activated to the point of entering into your own Merkaba of Light, and also a group Merkaba of Light. 

Each morning we suggest you MEDITATE with the 3 FOLD FLAME MEDITATION practice and consider this time to be with Source.  To build your spiritual current, requires a connection, or a communion.  Centering yourself in your own flame of brilliant light, gives you each a sense of “returning” which opens the spiritual current, and then opening of awareness of other realms.  As Unicorn light bearers, you are on an expedition of accessing your accelerated light and listening clearly to your awakening guidance system.  As you begin to anchor your sovereign spiritual centering device, your “ Merkaba of Light” you begin to become and access your multidimensional self.  This opens doorways, to the cosmos and the galaxies.  What an adventure, we say!  Each Attunement, centers you in your Merkaba of Light.  Each Activation actualizes your ability to expand your light.  Each Sonic Recalibration gives you a KEI, or a CODE to unlock further levels of your own multidimensionality.  For you, dear ones, as Star Seeds, Seekers, and Avatars you are on a mission to propel your light quotient to the stars, to the earth portals and return with new gifts for the new Hueman for the New Earth, we say!

What you will be receiving  ANJAHLIA’S RAINBOW SEER UNICORN BODY sharing: 

This MODULE #3 brings us together in consegrity, as a group Merkaba.  Still, we are listening to the overlighting overview of God’s commission with these teachings.  We are to each be an activated Seer Light, and as our Seer Light Body’s emerge, we begin to deeply address personal conflicts, contractions, and lower shadow nature of our being nature.  We pledge to continue the PURIFICATION PROCESS with you beloved ones.  This is an ongoing neutraliziation process of our mind, heart body connection and attunement sequence.  As we grow in our pure hearts, our minds clear, and we take action in divine alignment to our spiritual growth quotient.  A pure heart, clear mind, and aligned intension directs our goals for illumination.  Enhancing our life, and the lives of those around us, as Unicorn Seer transmitters of Source Connection and Loving Light.


We welcome you into our ongoing fold of the journey and discovery of multidimensional open heart, open eye/mind and cooperative field of Source Service.  As we learn to inhabit our Seer Unicorn Body’s, Clear our mind and our Unicorn Horns, so the path of our personal geometry may become clear.  This “geometry” is based on your Divine Plan, and originates with God’s consciousness, and The Divine Plan for all beings and this New Earth and Gaia.

Together we become ONE, and CENTERED, in this group relational existence, and find ourselves in LOVE.  Marrying the masculine and the feminine, as well as uniting our kundalini serpents with our Spirit and our Soul and off we go into the mystery realms of the Original Communion, the Original Commission and our Mission Purposes.  This is all part of our syllabus, and more this Module #3.  We are looking to become more of a group Merkaba and set out on Planetary Service work to Portals, and to Stars, as well as purification and clean up of this planet, cities, water ways, and restoration processes.  We have much to do, and many hands are needed on the deck of our SEER Star Ship Project!!  A blessing to have you with us and on board !!  Xxx Anjahlia, and her team                                                                    





November 23- SEERship #3, Channel 3 - AS BRIDGES OF LIGHT, LOVE AND POWER WE GO!


November 30- SEERship #3, Channel 4 - ENHANCED PHYSICAL STATES OF BLISS!




December 6- SEERship #3, Channel 6 - RETURNING TO EARTH AS LOVE EMBODIED



December 13 - Group Planetary Service Work TBA - SERENITY’S MAGNET - finding access into the inner earth realms

December 20 - Group Planetary Blessing and Service Work TBA - SOLSTICE DELIVERS A PLANETARY REUNION BLESSING


ANJAHLIA MAREESA SHEEHAN (kate Loye) is a New Earth Shaman, an embodied Channel of the Enlightened Ones, Seer, Journeyer, Healer, Gatekeeper, Sound Weaver, Ascension Teacher, Graduate Mentor for the Divine University, and Mumara for Lelama’s Mystery School of Self Mastery for the Divine University.   She assists the evolution of a Soul with private sessions called Soul Readings, and Next Octave that are lovingly guided by the Ascended Masters, and Divine Mothers.  She is presently teaching Webinars on SEERship, Path of Enlightening.  Anjahlia creates experiential Trance Shamanic Ascension Sound Journeys, with light language and channeled multidimensional journey’s to bring heaven on earth, inside, outside, above, below…Peace!  This year marks doing Planetary commissions at sacred earth portals, such as Seer Retreat to Mt Shasta Summer Solstice, and working with the Divine University’s MOTHER PROJECT as a Saga with the  Mamos of Columbia to assist in reclaiming their sacred black line of indigenous territory.

You can find more on her website:



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SEERSHIP #2 Guidance N.6-12

Next MODULE of 6

Path of Enlightening
Becoming part of the “LIGHTENING MOVEMENT”!  Accessing your divine insight!  Channeled Teachings & Meditations from the Ascended Ones and Anjahlia's Presence.

WHEN: Starting August 9th, Every Thursday Aug/sept.

SIX 120 minute  Channeling Guidance 

Availability still OPEN,

A 6 week intensive program- webinar globally and with a dedicated live local group, ongoing webinar...

With mp3 recording on Zoom.  Do it in live time, or listen later in your own right timing.  Buy the SEERship #1 and catch up to the LIVE sessions.

Email me your interest in the free chat and channeling and I will email you back the link to zoom info.


A BRAVE NEW WORLD ongoing discussion with Spirit  (youtube) free monthly




Matching your Soul Plan to the inner guidance system.

Activating a stronger sense of purpose. Being accepted by others when you are self guided in a new direction. Misery,  as a sign of lack of mission. Ascension pains and why they motivate you. Opening the doorway to a new plan. Wesak Celebration a brave new world starting  To Be Announced



new at nite time for our trancing!

ongoing MONTHLY - on break...TBA

7:00-8:30 PM! 

$20. suggested donation

A coming together as a New Earth Tribe, channeled wisdom & sacred sonic transmissions for evolution & Peace.  Monthly, ongoing SATURDAY NITE.

At Plutarch Farm Retreat 572 Plutarch Rd, Highland NY

RSVP 914-388-6419 a must.  Bring your open hearts, and friends!