SEERship #1, AUDIO PACKAGE, Path of Enlightening 6 Modules

SEERship #1, AUDIO PACKAGE, Path of Enlightening 6 Modules


SEERship#1 Channeled Trainings: Path of Enlightening

Becoming part of the “LIGHTENING MOVEMENT”!  Accessing your divine insight!

 With Anjahlia!

A module of 6 120 minute mp4 audio recordings and videos on Zoom. 


Email your interest or purchase the Seership Training, and I will send you the audio package BUNDLE, with documents, illustrations, original art, audio meditations and Syllabus, and Channeled Introductions and synopsis for each webinar.

PRICE for SEERship #2 Module OF SIX

$133. To pay on paypal at or check or cash.  Email for registration and information.  

SEERship #2 - SECOND SESSION OF SIX August-sept see SEERship#2

Oversouled by Babaji, Maitreya, Sananda, Mahattma and Serapis Bey, and Anjahlia’s Presence and Rainbow Unicorn Master Seer.

This series of 6 Intensive Trainings will identify your innate longing to be a part of the “LIGHTENING MOVEMENT”.  This is an innate state within you, yet we say it must be activated.


Testimonial of Seership, Path of Enlightening  by Ra'shyim

"Every time I do work with Anjahlia, the most profound insight and transformation takes place... her skills as  spiritual guided and teacher are nothing less than incredible.  The seer course that I am training in with her has been profound as Anjahlia takes you deep into the multi-dimensional worlds to create true healing and the awakening of your spiritual gifts... I can't thank you enough Anjahlia.  With all my love, Ra’shiym"

“I love your work. So divine, multidimensional and powerful.  Shimara Kumara C. Lozano

Thank you Kate, really enjoying this online course! I am juggling quite a lot of things at the moment but I look forward to my quiet time at night with you and the class at the comfort of my home.This class is transformational. Your support as well as the Masters, has been an immeasurable value for my continual personal/spiritual development. I appreciate all the work and time you've put into this course. Much love xo Bernice




That is what will be shown to you in this intensive training that’s will bring your higher light star nature into direct contact with your altered states of consciousness.  The higher hemispheres of your brain, such as the Cosmic point of connection, the Atomic Point and the Pineal Gland.


The Brow Chakra.  We all acknowledge we live in a multidimensional world, living in many realms simultaneously .  As we open our Unicorn Horn, we begin to see through the veil walls.  Into the pure potential of the creation realms.  All begins to take off, like a winged Pegasus...guiding us to Shambhalla.  As our sense of well being, heightened awareness, and sight into the beauty and truth of the worlds we live in grows and deepens.

We activate the latent UNICORN HORN and find its mission and purpose in your life.  The speciality of your Horn, it’s magic and it’s medicine.


Then we learn to use it!  To invoke and command in divine right alignment to authenticate our vision.  To scry with our Horn to open obscurations.  To marry the masculine and the Feminine Pillars.  Find the light in the shadow.  Co creating a path of Unity consciousness, exceleration, love and light.


This training will acknowledge your innate ability to command time and space.  To navigate through the dimensions and to reengineer your navigation system to upgrade it to a starship, Merkaba.

Later Trainings blocks to come are  the healing model for the modality SPIRAL UNICORN LIGHT PROTOCOL.  A modality to use alone or with other energy healing and empowerment sessions.

A SECOND SERIES OF SIX follows this SEERSHIP Training.

For more information or questions email Anjahlia at

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