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12:12 GATEWAY activation on facebook live and youtube

12:12 GATEWAY activation

Opens an auspicious Finale of 2019 with all the fireworks and shabam!

After the Solstice, solar and lunar eclispes , be prepared to be launched!

12:12 offers a great collaspe from within and without, releasing and letting go of the old, so the new has a place to grow and flower!

12:12 is a code portal that when you enter in resonance with it, activates your Merkabic field. This aligns you to the human heart connecting to the Unity consciousness. You are connecting to the golden light of Christ energy which will awaken divine love with you and activate new energy frequencies to help you evolve with thee New Earth.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, and starting a new in life. Also offers you the direction and energy to transform your key relationships.

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cosmic love, anjahlia