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THE MOTHER PROJECT - w Qala and the Sagas and the Mamos

COLUMBIA with the Arhucan Mamos! Working again with the Sagas on the Black Line Project and THE MOTHER PROJECT OF THE DIVINE UNIVERSITY. We are visiting sacred sites, and working to fund raise to buy certain endangered sacred spaces . The Black Line is essential for the balancing of the consciousness of humanity. The Sierra’s represent the consciousness of humanity, so the Mamos do daily pagamentos to restore and harmonize balance in the Sierra’s and with the earth, and humanity.

This is my third trip to Columbia and the Sierra de Santa Marta Mountains. 3 years ago, I was honored to host two Mamos here at Plutarch Farm for water blessings, a fire ceremony and private healing sessions.

We are traveling to Koneteti, Sinkwintika, Pueblo Bello and Camperucho. I am graced and honored to be working with Qala, the Sagas and the Mamos. xoxo anjahlia