12:12 GATEWAY activation on facebook live and youtube
11:30 AM11:30

12:12 GATEWAY activation on facebook live and youtube

12:12 GATEWAY activation

Opens an auspicious Finale of 2019 with all the fireworks and shabam!

After the Solstice, solar and lunar eclispes , be prepared to be launched!

12:12 offers a great collaspe from within and without, releasing and letting go of the old, so the new has a place to grow and flower!

12:12 is a code portal that when you enter in resonance with it, activates your Merkabic field. This aligns you to the human heart connecting to the Unity consciousness. You are connecting to the golden light of Christ energy which will awaken divine love with you and activate new energy frequencies to help you evolve with thee New Earth.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, and starting a new in life. Also offers you the direction and energy to transform your key relationships.

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cosmic love, anjahlia

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11:11 GATEWAY activation  facebook live and you tube 60 min
11:30 AM11:30

11:11 GATEWAY activation facebook live and you tube 60 min

11:11 GATEWAY activation channeled by Anjahlia and the Enlighented Ones

1 represents new beginnings and a new cycle, and 11 represents twin flame and reflective nature of all things.

11:11 Gateway offers cosmic messages of Galactic downloads and ascension codes and keis to assist the activation and transit forward!. Facing yourself in divine union and your true self reunion!

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xoxxo cosmic love,


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10:10 GATEWAY activation facebook live and youtube . 60 min
1:00 PM13:00

10:10 GATEWAY activation facebook live and youtube . 60 min

join our ongoing GATEWAY activation of the awakening movement…


channeled by gatekeeper Anjahlia and the Enlightened Ones

Another Ascension Gateway opening !

The number 1 represents NEW BEGINNING

0 represents the ALPHA AND OMEGA- the death rebirth cycle and our inner connectedness with the divine

An opportunity to receive cosmic messages of primordial awakening as we enter a new doorway of enlightenment

Join me on facebook live, and youtube

xoxo cosmic love, anjahlia.

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GRAND CANYON SEER RETREAT, Sedona, and Antelope Valley (Womb of the Earth)
to Sep 13

GRAND CANYON SEER RETREAT, Sedona, and Antelope Valley (Womb of the Earth)


When Sept 7-11th 
SEDONA SEPT 11TH night and day.  Fly out of Phoneix on 12th


We are on a mission at the great CREATION PORTAL of the US ... the Grand Canyon.  Also a MISSION, as a group Merkaba to embody, ignite, amplify, and encounter many lost parts of our Universal Nature.  So we may more fully hold the unified stream of consciousness that is ready to flow through us as New Earth Stewards and Caretakers. 

In this workshop we learn of our commissions and begin to translate the Unified Field between us and all around us.  To be a type of force field that enables and enhances this new Earth Awakening chemistry.  It is a new type of Alchemy that pushes forth into the light fields, the lei lines, the song lines, and the dragon lines, as well as the christed portals and christ grids of the earth.  Our mission is to assist in the completion of the Eternal Resource of God’s Source Consciousness to again flow in the united field we are anchoring.
Each person will be channeled their highest guide they are working with, and a word for them to work on their process with 2 x's during our time together.  Each will receive a sacred art channeled drawing of our CODE as a meditation visioning practice. 
Meditations, Sonic Attunements, Drumming, and group Light Language communion with the Guardians.
Sedona calls you forth to Bel Rock Canyon, to listen to the Ancestors.  Be a bridge for humanity, as we honor the deep listening needed to the sounds of our Mother, to the Lemurian archtype Mothers that encode us with a grounding technique.  We sound together in Language of Light, swimming in the sonic transmissions of the Lemurian water ways.
Staying in a group Airbnb together, or on your own.  It's important to make reservations early to secure our Airbnb and your spot.  We have a limited number of our sacred mission group.
We stayed 25 minutes from the East Rim in a lovely house that sleeps 9.  We may need two houses.  The hotels are expensive in the area.  The restaurants are terrible, so we should cook as a group and part of our 5 D new earth training.
Fly into Phoenix which is closer to Sedona.
TEACHING FEE:   $588. plus operational fee of $100.  Airbnb and group food extra - estimate $100. a day(?) 
DEPOSIT: $244. to secure your space and bedroom in the airbnb.   Pay in full early birds get a personal SONIC SOUL SONG to align them to their mission purpose.
Early bird price.
More information coming soon...


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11:00 AM11:00


Watch for facebook zoom audio and video transmissions. Kate Anjahlia Loye facebook

August 8, 2019 is an auspicious day of a new gateway and the Lion’s Gateway.

Anjahlia will channel a transmission from the Ascended Ones by Metatron. Metatron will speak to this gateway and what it means in regards to the ascension waves that are being brought for assistance for the evolution of humanity.

This is an ongoing ascension gateway project… stay tuned for more transmissions and what you will expect and feel!

Anjahlia Maressa Sheehan is your favorite New Earth Shaman, Seer, Master Healer, Embodied Channel, Spritual Teacher and Mentor of the Divine University. She is here to help bring Heaven to Earth and the New Lemurian Codes of Love! xoxo www.anjahlia.com

Check out my SEER RETREAT to Sedona, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend! Sept 6-12th 2019.

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SOUND JOURNEY summer solstice June 22 Saturday nite
7:00 PM19:00

SOUND JOURNEY summer solstice June 22 Saturday nite


Saturday June 22 7:00 pm-9:00pm

  • at PLUTARCH FARM Great Room 

SOUND JOURNEY with Anjahlia

"Summer Solstice Faery Awakening to the Inner Earth temples of the fae"

"Summer Solstice Faery Awakening to the Inner Earth temples of the fae"
Drawing on the deep transformative energy of Neptune in retrograde we will move through blockages, and unturn ancient soil to open to FINDING YOUR MAGIC IN YOUR LIFE, balancing the field around you, living a magical life in a magical world. VISIONING together with my Rainbow Unicorn Mother for the New Earth! Receiving divine dispensations and gifts! What will you bring to your new life?
Group Drumming bring your drums and learn to chant light language in our group merkaba! GONGS, crystal bowls, light language songs for your empowerment, chimes, serutti, tuning forks, whistles, smells, and faery dust and JOY! Leaving feeling bright, shiny, joy filled and luminous!!
BRING YOUR MAGICAL FRIENDS and your pure hearts! your drums and voice!
Water and a journal. This is a horizontal event, so delicious and blissful! Washing over you in sound, light, and love frequencies from all the realms!
$20. RSVP a must 914-388-6419

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SEERship#5 Path of Enlightening for Unicorns, Seers, and Star Seeds!
to May 9

SEERship#5 Path of Enlightening for Unicorns, Seers, and Star Seeds!

SEERship Training Module#5 -

Become part of the “LIGHTENING MOVEMENT”!  

Activate and access your divine sight & insight!


 With Anjahlia, your favorite Cosmic Shaman Seer Unicorn Faery!

Oversouled by Collective Council of 22 Ascended Masters, Ships of Light, Rainbow Unicorn Mother Team,

Babaji, Maitreya, Sananda, Nada, Mahatma, Quan Yinn,Serapis Bey, Kuthumi, Lord Ashtar, Blue Universal Mother, Galactic Council of Peace, Pegasus, Faery’s, magical beings , and my divine presence. 

IT IS A JOY TO BEGIN OUR NEXT MODULE #5!  An ongoing 6 module channeled high frequency widom teaching from the Mastes and the Unicorn Mothers. More depth, more fun, more wisdom, and sight, as well as planetary service!

Then SEERship #5 begins

APRIL 18, 25 and MAY 2 9th  Same low price $133.

Please let me know if you are onboard, or just sign up on paypal or the market place on my website or Venmo.

Some Feedback about SEERship Ch3 & Ch4

Que’lama: During “Bliss as a factor of Truth”,  I remembered my Unicorn Horn!!  It came to me, and I could scry with it, and see the color !  I am so appreciative and happy to have seen and felt so much in the Ch#6!!  Thank you!

Cornelia: After Capacity to Love Eternally, I woke up the next day with a sense of intense enthusiasm for Life!  My heart meeting the day open and happy.  I knew this was in  direct response to our training!

El Mara: During Capacity to Love Eternally, I felt some resistances, and then pushed through them in a shift.  The next day I was ask to channel for a friend and found my sight which had been blocked was open!  And I could receive more detailed and exact information in my visions and new information I previously didn’t know!  Thank you!

Ra’hanna:  In Visioning the New Light I was floating, in a cloud, so dreamy and full of insight!


SEERship#5 path of enlightening - What have we been doing and what are we doing in this new module?

Kuthumi shares… (an earlier channeling by Anjahlia)

What have we been doing up to now?

Beloved ones, we have been on an exploration together.  We shine the christ light upon the darkened arena, and low and behold we find new resolutions, new understandings and develop new skill sets.  Each session is like a spot light upon a different resolution… resolving of old limitations.  So they you each may find yourself unhindered, awakened to a bold and new view point.  As Unicorn Seers we have developed the refining of the Seer Eye, the Master Eye,  the Pineal, the Corpus colossus, the Hippocampus and Amygdala.  The Horn has been revealed, cleansed, purified and brought back into commission with the Seer eyes, the magic elixirs and frequency of light.  Learning to tap and to scry to open veil walls, revealing new though forms, visions and magic!

Dispensations, Initiations and Activations for higher consciousness.  Bringing in more love, more light, more source power in an aligned, balanced manner.  We have journeyed on expeditions to retrieve a  lost part, to find an empowerment, to assist darkened cities, and open up new passageways of communication between realms in planetary service!

Each of you has a purpose which is matched and reflected here on the earth plane, we are in a process of revelation, which must come from within.  It is the discovery that is the transmutation.  All is found in the dew drop, beloved ones.  The mirror of source creation god in all beings.    The SEER sees through the EYE of GOD, you see?

New syllabus

What is this module about?

Mahatma joins us and shares:

SEERship#6 is a Module about inner and outer clarity.  For how can a Unicorn SEE if the mind is cluttered, polluted and unable to let go of deep seated concerns, anxiety and judgement?  We SEE as SEERs to establish ourselves as one who has the capacity to sit without judgement, with our open hearts and see the divine light within all beings, all things, within this New Earth!  

We will be scrying as we open new corridors, doorways and pathways to self esteem, inner residency, and compatibility with your strength, your love, and your light quotient!   We will continue to train in the 3 Fold Flame Balancing Meditation.  Also to begin our work with the “Tree of Life” Protocol of self healing and healing of others and the portals, land, waterways and darkened cities in the inner earth, and on star portals.Babji explains how the creation portals are opening once more.  That we as emissaries of hope will work together in our group MERKABA to recalibrate the new destiny.  We will work with more inner earth magical beings in our ongoing discovery of how to open multidimensional communication for the ASCENSION PATH!

Expect more activations, initiations and divinely orchestrated multidimensional experiential journey’s to retrieve something lost or needed from a portal or star portal.  Opening up GATEWAYS that mend the communication between the Unicorns, and the inner and middle earth realms.

SONIC SONGS to orient you to your original design, your true path.

What will you receive?

Universal Blue Mary brings you dispensations that accelerate your love, Kuthumi brings you activations of Light, Mahatma brings you an elevated understanding of the true meaning of power and how to hold this accumulated karma credit.  Mastery brings the heart mind into the forefront, and Quan Yin brings a blue louts of immortal healing.  The Unicorn Rainbow Mothers bring forth creation Codes and the Codes of the Divine Feminine return.

In this Module #5 you will gain greater insight into the mystery, into the unknown.  Learn to rely on your sight, your SEER sight of 8 Unicorn Eyes.  And to “know” to regain your “KNOWING”, as we open the hemispheres of the brain, the chakras and the masculine/feminine pillars.

What will you take home?

Your heart will OPEN in ways you could not imagine.  Your capacity to understand the unseen, the unknown.  As your sensory perceptions are engaged.  The REMEMBERING process takes hold.  You face obastcles, and meet them, match them, forgive them and marry to form a greater more loving YOU.

How will this affect your life?

You as Unicorns will be the driving front liners on our movement of enlightening!  That as Unicorn SEERs you bring the highest light, frequency and JOY into the dreaming body’s of humanity, of the New Hueman, the New Earth!  Together we become Stewards of the New Earth and are on this awakening path in service.  Service to Mother Gaia, to the Divine Feminine, the Holy Fathers, and Enlightened ones assisting us in the Golden Aquarian Age of  Ascension 2019~ 

So let us come together and together we form a greater good, a more concentrated love, light and power MERKABA!!  A UNICORN MERKABA!  So Be it!  xoxo cosmic love from your favorite cosmic shaman Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan.


SEERship#5 Channel 1-“OPENING a new DOORWAY to CREATION!”

SEERship#5 Channel 2-“Our next step together as a UNICORN MERKABA sent by Divine Will”

SEERship#5 Channel 3-“Entering into the Inner Earth Estuaries: Reclaiming our Sovereign Divinity”

SEERship#5 Channel 4-“Seeing Beyond Insight"

SEERship#5 Channel 5-“Restoration of our Mission of Light”

SEERship#5 Channel 6-“Regaining our God Mind, God Eye”


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SEERship #4, Path of Enlightening  An ongoing channeled wisdom path for Seers & New Earth shaman.
to Mar 28

SEERship #4, Path of Enlightening An ongoing channeled wisdom path for Seers & New Earth shaman.

Every thursday at 7:00-9:00 MODULES of 6 Channeled with 22 Ascended Masters and my Rainbow Unicorn Team for your ascension path and enlightening to become multidimensional. zoom webinar and audio and video recordings emailed to you.

Activate and access your divine sight & insight and your Unicorn gifts!

Channeled by Cosmic Shaman, Master Seer,  Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan (kate loye)

Oversouled by Collective Council of 22 Ascended Masters, Anjahlia’s Presense, her Rainbow Unicorn Team
JOIN this delightful, ongoing… high frequency, channeled teachings, activations, initiations, meditations, multidimensional journey’s, purification, sonic attunements, divine gifts and tools.  We quickly become our beautiful open hearts, and merge into our own spiritual Merkaba Light Ship!  Supporting our own ascension path, our mission and the collective consciousness mission to co creating the New Earth Paradigm.


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VALENTINE'S LOVE TRANSMISSION! Opening the Venusian Gateway of your heart
7:00 PM19:00

VALENTINE'S LOVE TRANSMISSION! Opening the Venusian Gateway of your heart

A 22” audio taste of our upcoming event and zoom. Sanat and Venus Kumara take you on a Guided Meditation to open your hearts and receive, higher love and light technologies and frequencies, and a 6 sided white trumpet flower gift! FREE!

LIVE at Plutarch Farm, and on ZOOM! RSVP

Channeled Transmission and Trance Cosmic Sound Journey with Gongs, Chant of Light Language, Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Bells, Seruitti and more! A Multidimensional Unique Ascension Sound Scape!

Anjahlia channels Venus Kumara and Sanat Kumara OPENING the Venusian HEART Gateway. JOURNEYING to find the core issue of any blockage of this important pathway to LOVE! Releasing all obscurations, piercing the veil walls, reading any Akasha, and surrendering to the Heart’s own divining system to find LOVE in your life!! xoxo Anjahia

LIve in person in the Great Room of Plutarch Farm, New Paltz or Zoom link, email your interest for zoom link. . Recording emailed. kate.loye@gmail.com or 914-388-6419

$20. paypal or market payment or Venmo

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THE MOTHER PROJECT - w Qala and the Sagas and the Mamos
to Jan 26

THE MOTHER PROJECT - w Qala and the Sagas and the Mamos

COLUMBIA with the Arhucan Mamos! Working again with the Sagas on the Black Line Project and THE MOTHER PROJECT OF THE DIVINE UNIVERSITY. We are visiting sacred sites, and working to fund raise to buy certain endangered sacred spaces . The Black Line is essential for the balancing of the consciousness of humanity. The Sierra’s represent the consciousness of humanity, so the Mamos do daily pagamentos to restore and harmonize balance in the Sierra’s and with the earth, and humanity.

This is my third trip to Columbia and the Sierra de Santa Marta Mountains. 3 years ago, I was honored to host two Mamos here at Plutarch Farm for water blessings, a fire ceremony and private healing sessions.

We are traveling to Koneteti, Sinkwintika, Pueblo Bello and Camperucho. I am graced and honored to be working with Qala, the Sagas and the Mamos. xoxo anjahlia

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SOLSTICE SONIC LIGHT! with Cosmic Shaman Anjahlia
9:00 PM21:00

SOLSTICE SONIC LIGHT! with Cosmic Shaman Anjahlia

WINTER SOLSTICE at Plutarch Farm live! Friday Dec 21 at 7:00-9:00 
”SOLSTICE SONIC LIGHT”+ Holy Mother’s Love + GONG surrender! With Anjahlia ...

Sonic silence in frequency of the ETERNAL REALMS, love with the HOLY MOTHERS, and GONG SURRENDER finale to the light within! A horizontal event in the warm great room at plutarch farm!

Tea candle blessing, tea candles supplied , bring your blessings.

2 hr CHANNELING by the Holy Mothers, then a  High Frequency Silent Eternal Source Transmission, then an intense and COSMIC GONG surrender finale.   

Lie down, BLISS out, Receive!  bring friends and share! $20.

Bring a blanket and water bottle.

rsvp a must, please share and bring friends. 914-388-6419

572 Plutarch Road, Highland, NY 12528

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