GATEWAY PROJECT with Anjahlia: 8:8 lion's gate portal Ascension gateways august 8, 2019 for the gatekeepers, grid workers, star seeds, and creation keepers I am Anjahlia, your favorite Cosmic Shaman, Gatekeeper, Master Seer, Channel and Sound Journeyer for ascension and Peace! Join us on this facebook live video of a chat about this auspicious time period with Anjahlia.

GATEWAY PROJECT with Anjahlia: 

8:8 lion’s gate portal 

Ascension gateways august 8, 2019

for the gatekeepers, grid workers, star seeds, and creation keepers

This is an auspicious time period in the New Earth Ascension Blueprint! 8:8 August 8th, and the gateway opening of this astrology called the Lion's Gate! Join me as a Gatekeeper, as we open this threshold in ceremony with the Masters!


I am Anjahlia, your favorite Cosmic Shaman, Gatekeeper, Master Seer, Channel and Sound Journeyer for ascension and Peace!

The NUMBER 8:8 -

8 = the indication of material abundance and success.  8 itself is balance, the number of balance, like the infinity sign.  The number of balancing both the material and spiritual aspects of our experience.

In right relationship (2) with infinity, with and within… all things!

This is a time each year when there is the alignment of the Star Sirius with the Earth, and the Sun in Leo!  This Gateway Transmission is of a new, higher frequency resonance that ignites innate abilities for greater abundance, creativity and manifestation for all humanity.

The 8:8 is the Divine Infinite -“Ein Soph” and allow for a greater connection to the Eloheim (the creators Gods).  The Grace of the Unified Field, and the Infinite Eternal Flame of Oneness and love that is growing and expanding for humanity.

The New Moon in Leo brings perfect timing for new beginnings and the Galactic New Year!  August is a highly accelerated month that opens "The Gateway to the New Earth!! "  As a Gatekeeper,  I am personally, very excited about this for all beings and our New Earth!

This GATEWAY opens to the expansion of the New Potential of the New Earth!  To the fluidity of the clarity of owning ones inner domain, and co creating ones outer domain.  But in direct inner/outer reflection of what YOU WANT to co create!

The flood gates are down, and the flow of ascended frequencies abound.  Of Royal/Regal (lion) Ascension Codes, activating personal and planetary DNA for our cosmic evolution.  Releasing the old templates of survival fear, replays of core woundings, and karmic upheaval.  You may be feeling ready to make changes, clean up things, get rid of the old... making way for the new beginnings.  Working from a brave new lion's heart of love, oneness, and compassion.  Forgiving all transgressions is the key.  As things will arise...to be noticed, seen, and addressed with love.  To begin all your thoughts from your heart, stream ing pure gold intentions, words and ideas.  So that your pure courageous heart intentions can come into creation.  The New Way of 2019/20!

The new moon in leo, Aug 30,  mercury turning direct and the end of the eclispe time marks the finishing up of the old earth templates.  Now, is the time of the New Beginnings of the New Earth.  And as a heralder of this precious time period, I am elated!  

We are being flooded with Solar Christ energies, that begin to create from inside/outside...a new sense of stability, that you have all you need deeply on a soul level, or the sense of a new centering devise, stabilizing an inner “HOME” coming.  From the center of your heart, from your Christed Heart Merkaba.  So, as you open to trust, to surrender, to forgive... you let in JOY!  Joy in the moment, the feminine principal of being!  Listening to the sounds around you, of nature, of sensing the earth beneath your feet.  This is important to understand how to integrate all home in all the upheaval, shifts and changes that may be  happening to us. 

At this time of the Lion's Gate,... that which is unresolved, burdens, unhappiness's, trauma's , karma,... are brought to the surface for the solar codes to take hold.  Let go, forgive and bring all into balance with LOVE>  and from there chose to co create a new existence!  You are remarking, re "branding" your original LOGOS of sovereign Divinity and of LOVE. 

We are marching proudly towards a new collective sovereign ity, of the original Adam Kadmon- the blueprint of the true Hueman and the New Hueman.  Returning we are... to the Garden of Gaia.  The new Tree of Life  we always dreamed of.  Heaven on Earth awaits the dreamers of the New Earth.  We we dream this together, as a collective merkaba.  A collective Ship of Light that merges its centrifuge with all things, as in the Flower of Life prototype.  The Lemurian collective advances and reunites the New Lemurian Temples of Creation to co create the New Lemuria upon the New Earth, in balanced love, light and power!  

So be it!

We ask what Masters, Guides and Magical Beings will join us to take us on our ascension journey?

Master Lord  and Lady Sirius, Ala Gobi, and Mother Sekhtmet

What will happen?

We will be moving through this Star Gateway to open this Sirian Gateway through the back of the heart.  Here we meet many masters and beings as we set our sights on this transit to open, align , receive the higher vibrations for the New Earth Mission of “heaven on Earth, and the New Lemurian Systems.

We are guided by Lord Sirius and our trinity, with the Unicorn Mothers and Faery’s which hold the anchoring of humanities birth right.  They open this transit, expand our heart flames to reach new levels of integration.  High level frequencies, gifts and preparation as we set forth to manifest our heart dreaming, know ourselves as divine, face our shadow side, love, forgive and return all back to one love, one heart…the Lion’s heart of courage.


Lord and Lady Sirius, Ala Gobi, and Mother Sekhtmet along with our Rainbow Unicorn Mothers and Electra Spectral Fire Faery and other fae join us as they take up through the Sirian Gateway to the Lion’s Gate. We stand on a selenite disc together at this archway, receiving the glyphs of gold, and the consciousness of what this gateway holds for each of us , individually.

We begin to receive encoded light transmissions. Chairs or Thrones are brought to us in our circle. These Thrones help us to orient our stability, while we are receiving multidimensional downloads. Tiny faeries bring us new thoughtforms as they whisper in our ears. Releasing the old in this purification ceremony. Many streams of beautiful celestial energies are downloading. We attune to the Solar Sun, and the Solar libraries of Light, receiving from the matrix. Moving to our brow chakra where it is cleansed of old beliefs and the Unicorn Mothers scry with their horns and raise our consciousness to infinity. We move to the throat chakra and clear it of debris. Unicorn Rainbow Mothers scry with their Unicorn Horns in anticlockwise manner. Scrying a new opening to a new dimension. More light, love, and many colors floods into us.We are brought to understand our Brave New EArth Lion’s Heart with Mother Sekhtmet the Lion Priestess. Electra Spectral Fire Faery, joins us in the Blue Sirian Light. Giving us a crown of blue flames, so we may receive the truth of these peaceful creation flames. Burning away, all that is not in our highest.

Creation Mothers join us opening up new possibilities. We become a spiraling anti-clockwise cosmos that moves through the galactic, celestial and universal realms, clearing the old for humanity.

We journey to creation portal to release old Atlantean corruption of the DNA genome. Clearing portals to awaken and open them to the creation currents, and the streams of the creation mothers. Moving into our solar plexus, hara, sacral. Spinning as this cosmos through the lower chakra and into the sacral. Expanding to the right and left hips through the masculine and feminine creation chakra. To clear the creation chakras at the hips, as we open the dreaming womb of creation. As we look into this dreaming creation womb, we see an eye. The Eye of the Creator. And this awakens the spark of the creator within us. The creation spark as creator dreamers. Seeding into the creation womb our key codes and dna strands.

We co create an EGG, a creation EGG of the New Hueman and the New Earth. We see a nest, that is in the Antelope Valley Canyon, Womb of the Earth. Here we lay or plant the EGG. Being fed by the creation temples of the Grand Canyon, and the navel of the EArth, the beginning (HorseShoeBend)

We have completed our service, for ourselves, the Lion’s GAte and humanity. Heralding in this next step in our ascension path.

Thanking with our grateful hearts all who came and contributed… including YOU!

Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.

Namaste, Anjahlia




Watch for our annual SEER RETREAT across the world!


Kate Anjahlia Loye