7/16/19 GATEWAY PROJECT with Anjahlia: 


Ascension gateways JULY 16, 2019

for the gatekeepers, grid workers, star seeds, and creation keepers

I am Anjahlia, your favorite Cosmic Shaman, Gatekeeper, Master Seer, Channel and Sound Journeyer for ascension and Peace!

Asking the Masters and Guides about this eclipse today and this eclipse season during this time period of ascension on and of the New Earth, July 2019.

Important Dates of this Ascension time:

Half Blood Moon Eclipse, partial eclipse of the moon, along with Mercury Retrograde.   This is  the last eclipse of 2019.  Coming up in August, is the Lion’s Gate on 8/8, a new cycle of time!  And “A Day out of time”, where time stands still on July 25th this is a potent time of expansion and reclamation!

Who would like to share with us of the Masters today?


Dear ones

We open a Gateway together, … at this time we are held in the embrace of the frequencies of the Divine Mothers, Gaia and Yamala.  Where corridors of eternal wisdom and light frequencies begin to co create with the molten lava gold of Gaia to mold and form a new alchemy.  It is is Alchemy of the Soul we wish to revive and restore with this transmission.  We will present a new coming… as the time of New Beginnings rectify past disharmonies, and irrelevant discord.

We will offer you a transmission of DIVINE ACCORD : Spinning clockwise 12 New Earth crystals of the New Earth Repatterning Grid.  This will bring you into a sudden  swirl in a circular embrace.  Delivering a greater capacity to embrace and hold the new currents and frequencies.  

A New Octave of Light is emanating in its new forms from the depth of Mother Gaia.  This will begin to bring to the surface the lower aggravations.  The new spontanaeity of the Full Moon Eclipse offers a place to restore; … to let go of the old. To bring in the new activations of the Christ Grid and the Crystalline Corridor.  

Feel yourself as a new!  As this is a coming of a fresh start.  Something that has not been told before.  To weigh in and recalibrate with favorable, harmonious frequencies of love from the Venusian streams.  Filling your hearts and your capacity to love become amplified.  It is here that we sit and wait.  Wait for the lower disharmonic frequencies to dissipate.  Just letting them ride themselves out, surrendering to the “watching” of this process.  Knowing from deep within that you are here to make a difference, to know yourself more authentically.  To become genuine and fearless.  As this is your birthright, dear ones.  The more you “know” yourself, the more your capacity to grow becomes.  As it is this inward growth/ outwards that comes from your shining star tetrahedron inside your cosmic merkaba ship of light.  Your light is a powerful ship of light.  That has come here to merge and to join with the commingling light of others along this path of ascension.  It is a coming of age, a coming of grace, and a deliverance of the Christed Heart, you stream!  You are a carrier of divine light, divine love, and divine creation power.  This is the replication of your divine nature coming to life.  To organize a new system of life, many new systems of life.  

So if you are drawn to parlay in this arena of change, then by all means this is the opening.  The opening to make a difference.  That you may “know” yourself, and produce something “NEW”.  This is something NEW for the NEW EARTH, we say.  You are here to make a difference, to listen to the call within, the soul’s project!  Arm yourself with your own diligence.  Focus your attention and the deeper calling from within will project itself into your projects, your grid work, your earth attention,  earth ceremonies, celebrations and community.  Focus all you have and arm yourself with passion.  These heart flames are meant to succeed.  To follow your heart explains everything in a nutshell.  It is a symbol that has previously been repressed, but now grows in its exponential ability to receive/give and own the POWER OF LOVE.  Living in this power of love feeds and restores the SOUL.  To it’s original designation and blueprint.  So the Soul and the Spirit move in tandem and bring forward the balanced New Masculine and the balanced New Feminine.  A NEW EARTH BEING IS BORN!

So access all your crystal grids, your lei lines, dragon lines, your starry portals, your portal vortex’s,  water ways, waterfalls, snow capped peaks and solar rays from the great central sun and beyond.  


You are the coming of the Golden Aquarian Age,… be golden, transparent, and willing to throw out the old and bring in the new.  The new that is heralded for all, of all colors, races, sexes, abilities, and ages.  

This is a specific time of eternal growth to create the Kingdom within, and the Kingdom without.  A New Earth School of Living Love and Harmony.  Bringing peaceful solutions to our everyday lives.  A new Universal Language of love, light and harmony through song, dance, ceremony, and heart transmissions.  A LIVING HEART spreading the love… the CHRISTED HEART OF GOLD you are.

Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be your life, your goals, and your holy spirit to guide you and your soul’s longing to find it’s true purpose and designation of divinity.

Namaste, namaste, namaste

Sanat Kumara, Venus Kumara and Mother Gaia

channeled with creation love flames by Anjahlia

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Kate Anjahlia Loye