When Sept 6-15th 
SEDONA SEPT 6TH friday-9thSunday drive to Grand Canyon

Sept 6-9 Sedona, Sept 11-13 at Grand Canyon, staying in Williams at an airbnb, and take a road trip to Antelope Valley (Womb of the Earth) 1:30 minutes or less from our House. We will be group cooking meals at nite, and having group circle sharings, and offerings of sound, music, light language and more!


We are on a mission at the great CREATION PORTAL of the US ... the Grand Canyon.  Also a MISSION, as a group Merkaba to embody, ignite, amplify, and encounter many lost parts of our Universal Nature.  So we may more fully hold the unified stream of consciousness that is ready to flow through us as New Earth Stewards and Caretakers. 
grand canyon  portal Sept 12, 13,14,15,16   Receiving the solar disks on the mayan calendar into the temples.

 We will be working with 3 temples of creation in the grand canyon basin.  Connecting to uluru, Katatuja.  Where the Ancient Ones, bring offerings of the solar to integrate with humanity core threads of enlightened attainments .  Before and after entering the Great Walls of these ancient temples, we enter a cascade of water from the Havasu Falls which orients and exchanges a deepening of the solar codes information, libraries and ministries.  Purification: Through the washing process a marriage of the forces within each participant begins.  The washing off of the old, the stale, the lost parts of antagonism and recovery begins.  Old traumas and disempowerments dissolve in this simple, yet profound frequency  transmissions with the Elohim and Elohas, the Ancient Ones and the Crystalline Beings of light. 

*The Portal connection enters into a transformation which allow for more light, more love and more empowerments to flow forth through the crystalline bridges and the  blanket of transparent angelic beings that are bringing etheric gifts of transparent, emerald, gossamer threads to weave with the nature spirits , the devas of old a new contract.  Where the realms will open, face and contribute in their varied gifts of origin which will interface with the beloved within, and appear as the beloved without. 

The inner/outer mirroring of the twin flame/twin soul encounter.  It is the mergence of the flames that we come here today of this mission is to return al love to its most expansive contract.

*In this workshop we learn of our commissions and begin to translate the Unified Field between us and all around us.  To be a type of force field that enables and enhances this new Earth Awakening chemistry.  It is a new type of Alchemy that pushes forth into the light fields, the lei lines, the song lines, and the dragon lines, as well as the christed portals and christ grids of the earth.  Our mission is to assist in the completion of the Eternal Resource of God’s Source Consciousness to again flow in the united field we are anchoring.
Each person will be channeled their highest guide they are working with, and a word for them to work on their process with 2 x's during our time together.  Each will receive a sacred art channeled drawing of our CODE as a meditation visioning practice. 
*Meditations, Sonic Attunements, Drumming, and group Light Language communion with the Guardians.
*Sedona calls you forth to Bel Rock Canyon, to listen to the Ancestors.  Be a bridge for humanity, as we honor the deep listening needed to the sounds of our Mother, to the Lemurian archtype Mothers that encode us with a grounding technique.  We sound together in Language of Light, swimming in the sonic transmissions of the Lemurian water ways.

Staying in a group Airbnb together, or on your own.  It's important to make reservations early to secure our Airbnb and your spot.  We have a limited number of our sacred mission group.
We stayed 25 minutes from the East Rim in a lovely house that sleeps 9.  We may need two houses.  The hotels are expensive in the area.  The restaurants are terrible, so we should cook as a group and part of our 5 D new earth training.
Fly into Phoenix which is closer to Sedona.
TEACHING FEE:   $688. .  Airbnb and group food extra - estimate $100. a day(?)  depends how many join us? The more that come the less the operational fee is divided amongst the group.
*DEPOSIT: $244. to secure your space and bedroom in the airbnb.   Pay in full early birds get a
personal SONIC SOUL SONG to align them to their mission purpose.
Early bird price.
More information coming soon...


Kate Anjahlia Loye