PLUTARCH FARM SEER RETREAT "Insight Within/Without"... a Soul Retreat!

Fri, July 26,27,28th 6:00 pm  Friday nite-Sunday at 3:30

  • PLUTARCH FARM RETREAT mini farm & barns (map)

2.5 DAYS, 2 Nites with Cosmic Shaman Anjahlia at Plutarch Farm Retreat

July 26,27, 28  at PLUTARCH FARM summer RETREAT

*feed your spirit and restore your soul,… bring the magic back!*

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Intensive, Meditation, Self Discovery, & Raw Juice/Raw Foods Cleanse Menu. With high frequency amazing transmissions channeled from your trinity of  Enlightened Masters by Anjahlia, Cosmic Shaman and SEER, healer.

If you seek to slow down, quiet the mind, purify and balance, connect with Gaia. Or are looking for self discovery, spiritual council, to know your special Emissary Team, learn about ascension and soul evolution.  Clear your mind with meditations to take home, high frequency transmissions.  Step into nature and local hikes in the Hudson River Valley.  Feed your Spirit and restore your Soul!   Intimate setting with Mother Nature, on an 1850’s mini farm, barn cabins, and beautiful modern great room. Summer Purification and Cleanse with Raw Juices and Raw Food Menu from local yummy caterer. Channeled ascension and wisdom teachings, meditations, tools, insights and self discoveries.  Journaling and sharings.

Personal private spiritual integration session offered, individually. As well as your personal Ascended Master you are working with, and a channeled word, and sentence of your process to work on with your journaling. ( massages can be scheduled during the retreat)

Sonic Attunement with overtone chanting and black hand drum which re calibrate your chakras, your meridians, your brain hemispheres and your light body.

Creative Shaman Art Trance Medicine workshop, with a phycological shapeshifter path finder components.

Sonic Purification Gong Sound Baths

Walks in nature, and local water falls, working with Devas and earth guardians with the Fae, Elven,  and Unicorn Magical Beings.
Teaching fee for Anjahlia: $255.

plus room and board.

Gourmet Catered by ZARA, Raw Juices and Raw Summer Cleanse Diet!!, $75. per day $225.. for 3 days per person. WOW we get it all! Cleanse and Restore!


and on location rooms or private barns (see on airbnb and below)
RSVP to reserve your spot, limited number allowed. Pay in full teacher fee of $225. or make other arrangements with Anjahlia.

Kate Anjahlia Loye