2 channeled AUDIOS: Frequency Wisdom Meditations : Maitreya "FLAME OF UNCONDITIONAL REFLECTION" and Blue Mother Mary "A MATRIX OF REHARMONIZING"

FLAME OF UNCONDITIONAL REFLECTION of miracles.  Of the miracle path before you now.

Maitreya brings the Flame of Unconditional Reflection.  Asking us to bath in this miraculous and sumptuous splendor.  This is a tool to aid you in your lower self, and stresses to recondition, them to wash and bath your worries, dear ones.

UNIVERSAL BLUE MOTHER MARY join s us to anchor into Gaia’s heart, a Matrix.  A MATRIX OF REHARMONIZING.  This pulls by magnetic fields, all disincarnate cellular memories, anomalies, implants, and soul fragments that are not in the highest fulfillment of your path.

A feminine state of allowing, of no mind, of emptiness, and of awareness, of deep silence and inner/outer golden glow is brought to us by Blue Mary.   Sitting, receiving, being, are in order here.  To stand in the moment the minute of this reharmonizing matrix is a gift of the feminine.

Work with this to recalibrate, to balance, to acknowledge this matrix.

Kate Anjahlia Loye