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2 oz for 19.95, 4 oz $29.95


2 oz $19.95, 4 oz $29.95

LEMON BALM  by HAWAII PHARM made with Aloha sports Nervous System, Immune System and digestive System, calming.

2 oz $19.95 , 4 oz $29.95



Enhances Memory and Cognitive Function  90 cap $24.29, 150 tablets is $36.73

RED MARINE ALGAE PLUS  with Gigartina & Dumontiaceae by pure planet 

immune boosting, used for herpies

24 tablets $14.99 , 90 tablets $32.32

ZINC, Vimergy USDA Organic Zinc $30.


LICORICE ROOT w glycerin

4 box

CBD OIL for inflamation, sleep, muscle relaxation

C60 OIL- carbon 60, highly detoxing “bucky ball” molecule

IMMUNE SYSTEM-boost it!!

GANODERMA -CAFE  MUSHROOM with Reishi Mushrooms. Many mushrooms are immune boosting. Immune System booster and EBV blocker

HEMP OIL for inflammation

MAGNESIUM SPRAY- tip: Buy magnesium spray which is salty and itchy, and add to your favorite lotion.

SHINGLES GEL homeopathic  PEACEFUL MOUNTAINS Shingle Rescue, $29.99 but amazing!

On the label: May temporarily relieve stinging pain, skin lesions, itching and burning associated with herpetic eruptions and infections.







Dry brushing

cold showers

Epsom Salt Baths

Hemp Oil helps with inflammations


HYLANDS CALMS FORTE  homeopathic aid

MOON DROPS homeopathic sleep remedy by HISTORICAL REMEDIES

DREAMRITE,  Natural Sleep Aid, with Melatonin, Valerian root, Chamomile ,Passion flower, Lemon balm, L-theanine, Tryptophan, Gaba, Magnesium, Hops.

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Rescue Remedy Bach flower essence and lozenges  

Total Complete Calm - Solaray


Holy Basil and Rodeiola, and L Theonine 


Nano Zeolite, Glutathion, Collidal Silver, Neuro   Box of 4


Epson Salts, Magnesium and Sea Salt

Magnesium Cream - make your own with Magnesium salt spray and your favorite lotion

Clay Foot Bath

Anjahlia’s Face Cream

Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils

Cat’s Claw Tincture in Glycerine - 1 dropper am and pm daily or put in a larger bottle together

Olive leaf Tincture

Lemon Balm Tincture

Licorice Root Tincture (for shingles)




Iodine (for Thyroid)

Vit C


Mushrooms - Reishi, Chaga, My Community

Goldenseal, and Echinacea

CBD oil - inflamation, relaxation, nerves, muscles, sleep

C60 or Carbon 60 in coconut oil or olive oil- detoxing by absorbing toxins, and safely getting out of body, eye sight, longevity, mind, etc.

Epsom Salt Baths

ZEOLITE safely detoxes heavy metals and gets them out of body

Nervous System help- TOTAL COMPLETE CALM by Solar Ray, GABA, RODIOLA. If you put Rodiola, Holy Basil, Gaba, and l Theonine you make a great depression coctail like Prosac! B12

Magnesium, Neuro Mag by Life Extension.

Dandelion Root Tea- lattes with goat milk or almond milk- liver detox and yummy

BELOW: These are some products that I have used, and tried, as well as Anthony Williams and Muneeza recommend. It is truly overwhelming, so hopefully this will make it easy to find the product and order it. You can price check the same product not on Amazon. But this is super easy and I even get an affiliate % while helping!! Win/Win!

(all I share is only to be used as helpful suggestions, as I am not a Doctor and this is not medical advise.)




My trouble seemingly … began right before my wedding.  I was an Artistic Wall Finisher professionally in NYC, and was completing a large house project with labor intensive, beautifully colored trowelled Italian finishes.  To keep my energy up, with my assistant I started to drink more coffee, and eat candy bars, and I drank some Chinese Tea to lose weight.  Somehow, this combination put my endocrine system, and immune system into over drive.  My health at 35yrs took a nose dive.

I started coughing when I ate most anything.  I went to a homeopath who gave me some homeopathy, and found I could only eat meat, fruit and vegetables.  Well, my wish for weight loss came quickly, but at a price.  My adrenals were exhausted. My honeymoon was spent taking it easy, barely being able to eat the fantastic italian food and wine! Slowly, my adrenals repaired, my allerties lessened and back to this toxic work I went.  Then we became pregnant and I continued to purify my eating and my body. 

When my baby was born, he had normal exema but it seemed out of balance.  I took him and me to a homeopath in NYC who also used a computer to see what was the issues.  I had a lot of heavy metals, from all those years of being an artist in art school, putting my hands in all types of chemicals with no protection.  And then years of toxic paints, pigments, chemicals without proper protection. And my baby got some of this overload!

Before I had my son, I studied healing in NYC at IAM SCHOOL OF HEALING.  A 3 year school with a year of supervisory.  So, of course I have always been interested in alternative healing than standard western medicine.  My mother was a nurse, very traditional, but from a grass roots Oklahoma farming family who still had some of the connection to the earth.  Also the Cherokee blood lineage of my great, great grandmother who was half Cherokee.

Fast forward to 15 years ago… where we now live upstate in a beautiful area called New Paltz, NY.  And we have a lovely little 1800’s mini farm, with lots of ticks.  We all get ticks, but somehow,… I never get over the lyme disease.   And fatigue that I still am resistant to call chronic fatigue, but it was.  So my depleted health goes up and down, and affects my outlook on life, my moods, my sleep from the pain, my energy and my relationships.   This just get more impacted by peri menopause!  Lyme, and menopause are two areas it was hard to get help with.   Lyme the doctors didn’t believe in, and just gave you antibiotics, and menopause seemed to also not be on any gynecologist understanding.  With my limited income, I tried to find doctors who were alternative to assist my ailments and conditions.  Trying many, many modalities , but never really getting better.

The continued working on my health led me to have the silver amalgams taken out of my mouth from expensive dentists who “did it safely”.   Continue to detox the heavy metals out of my body.   Try computer Rife machines, and wholistic healers,  study applied kinesthology, and many other healing modalities for my second profession of “Integrated Energy Healer” and for my health.  

Pursuing a memory of living and working in a Temple, I applied to Kripalu Yoga Institute in Mass. After experiencing my sessions, both the healing arts managers said “You are the real thing!” And I was invited in to a wonderful Temple of healing in Massachusetts.  Here was my my Temple.  Many spiritual seekers from all over the world were coming to do workshops and needed integration and assistance.  At Kripalu I began to see visions of different guides, Goddesses, Egyptian Goddess and Gods, Ascended Masters and Healers, Animal Totems and realized after a while that I was “channeling” their wisdom to my clients, as well as being the conduit for the frequency energy healing.  I became very popular as I was only there one day a week.  I seemed to step into my next incarnation here, literally pulling into myself, my Higher Self with a dear practitioner friend.

Fast forward, divorce, and settling our property with my getting the house, and my x getting the paining business we had together.   My life continuing to have the weighted down burden of my ailments of Lyme, and other co infections.  Yet still carrying on with my healing practice, and my love of helping others.  My work became more and more elevated and advancing with the guidance of the Masters.

Fast forward, 15 yrs and I am still not well.  While on vacation my friends tell me about a homeopath MD who got my one friend well, they strongly advise me to go. So I do. And for a year I get somewhat better, going up and down. But, the Thyroid goiters in my throat go away quickly, other symptoms leave like digestion issues and pains, and the homeopathy works without a lot of kill off or Herkziemers pain. Yeah! I still have chronic fatique, brain fogg, no memory, and constant pain in my left side and heat in my left elbow.

In high school, I had a bad bout of MONONUCLEIOIS! My father and brother as well. I have shown EBV in my blood always. No one seemed to know about this EBV. All my friends talked about the Medical Medium and Lyme. Anthony Williams had come out with the Medical Medium Book.  Which is all about Epstein Barr Virus and Lyme.    So EBV has been in my blood work all these years, but no one… I mean no one ever took notice.  They said there was nothing you could do about it, it went away.  Well, I read the book, and didn’t know if I agreed that Lyme wasn’t the problem, it was EBV.  But, a year later I visited my father, and realized all his symtoms at 93 were from EBV!. I came home went to my expensive MD homeopath  who said I didn’t have EBV, and I ask him to muscle text all my organs and my brain for EBV.  I had  EBV, Lyme and Mercury in my brain! Yikes, just what I thought.  For years my brain has been compromised and glitches, no memory and neurological issues. Not to mention Chronic Fatique that I pretended I didn’t have.

Then I had a medial medium practitioner Muneeza session and she confirmed I had EBV stage 4, my brain had EBV, Lyme, Mercury and MSG!  Plus I had shingles on my left side which is EBV.  What a relief to know what was going on with my body and my mind!

And the pain in my body.  The EBV attacks the nervous system, and goes after the organs. Goes after the Thyroid, even my eyesight, and hearing issues, were EBV. So I had shingles up my vegas nerve on the left side of my body, and was getting to the point of migrains.  So I began all the tincures in the Medical Medium, the Zeolite for the heavy metals, the shakes.  And make an attempt with the strict diet, which I am not good at keeping to.

I also did KOMBO frog medicine with some of my beautiful cosmic shaman plant medicine daughters.  This helped me 80%, plus I got to know the FRog King and journey with him.  Possibly it helped so well, because you purge your liver toxins and the EBV and metals are in the liver.

IMPORTANT TO REALIZE - The heavy metals are an underlying issue I need to advise you all.  They undermine the immune system and the natural ability to fight off things. Get all the silver amalgam safely out of your mouth. Detox with ziolite from the metal. Steer away from raw fish, tuna fish, eat organic with no pesticides. Eat only grass fed, free range animals, humanly slaughtered. 

THE SIMPLE RULES - So the metals detox is super important.  Boost the immune system, cleanse, purify, and modify your diet to non inflamatory foods and the 4 NO’s.  No eggs, no sugar, no diary, no gluten. Detox your liver. Supplement your nervous system as the EBV attacks it and the vegas nerves, is shingles, herpes, thyroid issues, etc.

with love, anjahlia

Kate Anjahlia Loye