VALENTINE'S LOVE TRANSMISSION!audio Opening the Venusian Gateway of your heart

Anjahlia channels a GUIDED MEDITATION with Ascended Masters Sanat and Venus Kumara to Open the Venusian Gateway in the front of your heart. In this 22 min audio transmission you are lovingly introduced to Venus and Sanat Kumara who are your guides and twin flame counterparts. They open your heart to receptivity and to remember it’s higher dimensions of LOVE, and are brought through raising octaves of love and light to enter the Doorway, the Gateway to this heart pathway. Venusian Arch Angles stand on either side, as Venus and Sanat lead the way. A Sonic Love Transmission song to attune to Peace, love and compassion. Venus and Sanat open your heart to receive a gift of a 6 flowered White Trumpet Flower. White, purity, integrity and sounding this to all pathways of your heart to the world and beyond. Finding yourself being flooded with light, love and source empowerment! Your 3 fold flame fully lite and ignited and full of sonic lullabies.

From our heart to yours, Namaste beloved ones,

Sanat and Venus Kumara

Anjahlia as channel

Kate Anjahlia Loye