Anjahlia receiving from the spheres ooo 

march 2018


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Dear ones

A stronger sense of self is rallying from the inner working of your soul repatterning.  Many of you who have accomplished  activating a generosity of spirit is accumulating a mirror accomplishment of the larger good within the world.  Many feel it is a time of despair, struggle and strife,… yet new beginnings and new tidings of a greater evolutionary push is being accepted within the genome structure of your DNA.  Ancient times of misery and strife are coming to a close, we say, as the numbers of awakening souls are being deeply and passionately guided to make a contribution.  That their words, acts and deeds are important, and they will not stand around and allow forces of negative agenda to continue to push humanity under.  

A great awakening is taking place.  It is an inner awareness, that is rising to the surface.  The plan is that as all being become accountable for their right actions, ask forgivenance when they contribute to pain, and are prepared to be fully participatory in the self reflection necessary to mend all wounds.  A Zep Teppi has occurred, a massive undertaking by the Councils of Light.  Anchoring great wisdom of the ancient/modern/timeless existence of the restoration of the reharmonizing of humanities contractions in this plane of polarity.

Today’s work is to reharmonize, rebalance and complete the bridging of the hemisiphere’s of the brain balancing!  This will be a 3 minute transmission by Anjahlia’s Presence and the Enlightened Ones, the Mahatmas.


REHARMONIZING OF THE BRAIN  by Anjahlia’s Presence and the Mahatmas and Enlightened Ones,… a group expression.  (for the mp4 see Sonic Library for audio)

Our second task for the day is to reward or recognize the sense of equanimity, the willingness to express the equality in all things, all relationships, all interactions.  It is this equanimity expression that galvanizes your new relations, in fact, all relations.  Are made to create interference so there is a reflective mirror to open to chose a more co operative manner.  As we merge our selves into group consciousness, the collaborative element is essential for our collective development.  We suffer here as part of the plan to activate the concern for others and ourselves and to grow to facilitate the inter participation of the longing to be kind, be good, and to grow together, to thrive!

As we reach out we begin to bloom.  As a spring flower, we have grown to the light, found our way through the dark and sultry earth.  Moving upwards to the inspiration of Embolig the ever present creation spirit!  This spirit is awakening on a grander scale than ever before in the history of the Earth, or of Terra.  Many new and spectacular events will begin to take place.  Things you could not have imagined, veil walls breaking down, as new platforms begin to emerge.  Where those that are here for a purpose grow in numbers and unite.  Creating a collective UNITY consciousness!  Be here NOW, we say.  ACT, do not dawdle.  Every moment counts in the process of the new expression of the New Hueman taking form in this very now moment.

Activate, activate, activate  all hemispheres of your brain, your cerebral cortex, the synovial fluid expanding through your brain.  Activating synapsis of responsivity, awareness, and an acute sensitivity to the atmosphere of hope, change and REFORMATION.

This is a time of great REFORMATION.  We all must do our part, find our puzzle piece and begin.  BEGIN NOW.  It is a pulse, a spark, an awakening, big or small , … you have it.  

We bring you into your heart now, beloved ones.  This is the power of heart Activation!  


breath deeply.  Begin to unify with your heart beat and your breath.  Counting, one, two, three, one, two, three.  Entraining the brain.  Syncing into this precise now moment.  As all becomes one, merging into synchronicity and inner heart awareness.  Sensing the buzzing of your brain.  BALANCING with your HEART.

here you carry the beat of your immortal spark, flame, carrier of your god spark.  Reclaim your spark now, and become one with it and all things in the merger of the self realization of the New Order of the New Hueman and the RECALIBRATION of your DNA structure to be ONE!

Namaste beloved ones, namaste, namaste.

anjahlia, channeling the Mahattmas, and the Enlightened Ones

Kate Anjahlia Loye