Language of Light Eulogy, In Praise of...

Language of Light Eulogy , In Praise of...

 by Anjahlia Kate Loye  2013

Language of Light is a multidimensional frequency expression of Light, Love, Sound, Color and Geometry.  It’s resonate field advances beyond our limited 3D ego/mind understanding.  It raises our consciousness by easily by passing our belief system held firmly in place with ego concern for safety and control.  Because it is a very high resonate sacred field of tone, it becomes a symphonic guided expression by the Ascended Ones for the highest good of all involved.  It can only be done from one’s pure and reverential heart.  These ancient/modern tones lie waiting in all beings, those who wish to “wake up”.  Dormant Codes of Light awaken from within, like a key to your own sacred door.  Light Language enhances your evolution, DNA, and vibrational frequency, it’s use enhances your consciousness.  It acts as a relay system which speeds you to the resolution of your Soul’s journey, to return “home”, to your I AM, your original logos, Soul Signature, as part of all things.The healing qualities of tonal, sound, songs or chants started as my Over Soul commissions advanced in my private healing practice.  One of the first times this was sourced from my guides I was working in a private session with a client “JB”.  She suffered from a head energy and had migrains all her life.  I was guided to start a series of a sound tone activations ranging from the lower ranges going up the scale to the very high frequencies.  I would see a line of geometries, and feel that the sound was breaking through emotional, physical and spiritual blockages.  This was shocking for me, and I had to commit to the pure trust of my Guides,  and trust this was for JC highest good.  At the completion, JC sat up and exclaimed how amazing she felt, the the tones cleared pain as they moved!!  She could feel the shift as they cleared with each tonal activation, clearing, and rebalancing.  This gave me the confidence to further expand my abilities as I was guided by my Council of Light at the time.

I carry Cherokee female lineage medicine through my ancestors, and the Ancestors speak and sing through me, often one of the languages I speak sounds American Indian.  Many Native Wisdom teachers like Sitting Bull, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Chief Joseph, Hiawatha, Peloki,

and the Ancient Ones work through me.  Light Language is a Universal Language and all beings multidimensional, such as Christed ExtraTerrestrials, magical beings such as Dragons, Unicorns, Faery, Elven, Pegasus, Ancient Gaurdians, Giants, Serpents, Mermaids, Devic all speak this language of love.

Years ago I “came out of the closet” , and often use Light Language in my private sessions, or toning, overtoning, throatsinging, whistling , chanting, and often finding and singing the  song for their soul.  This “Singing the Song for the soul” attunement  is guidance for the DNA to repair and reinstall.  Helping to find the person’s Signature Identity Frequency.

In my Trance Shamanic Sound Journeys many different realms translate through me and the sound event for the evolution of the group consciousness.  I call these Soul Songs, and Gongsurrenders.  We journey through the new chakras, purifying, and through gateways and initiations.  We are guided by the Ascended and Christed Ones through dimensions, riding the sound Naad, the sound waves, with geometry, light, frequency.  We are given dispensations, gifts, of light rays, gems of color rays, wisdom and experiential remembrances from our lineage and ancestors.  The Ancient Ones join us, as do the Divine Mothers.  How to fully express the Vastness of the Mothers has been a challenge, vocally.  They hold an enormous band width of frequency and wisdom that works deeply through me and my Divine Presence and Lineage. 

Allow me to introduce some of these amazing Wisdom Teachers;  The Loving Mothers; the Mary’s,  Issis, Quan Yin, Shakina, and more, Earth Mothers; Gaia, Voidal; Yamala, and Ocean Mothers: Meera.  When I channel the Earth Mothers, and the Ancient Ones, my voice is very low, very guttural but somehow frightening and electrifying at the same time.  This deep resonance “unearths”  and awakens the primordial ascension codes awaiting within each being.  We have been cut off from our lower chakras and our Mothers for thousands of years.  These sound Codes Soul Songs , call for renewal, replenishment and accord with the Cosmic Principals in Life.  Living in Love and Light in harmony, peace, and surrender.

The Hathors come now, and address that they would like to be included and introduced as the heralders of the Cosmic Reunion of Love and Light.  They explain that there frequencies are similar to the Lotus born one Quan Yinn.  Yet, when you hear Quan Yinn your feel her feminine softness and her nectar.  When the Hathors transit  they feel like a council , like a wave of a symphony, many forms and fields of deep and intense geometries, forms and frequencies which have the complicating to deeply merge and introduce new awakenings and brave higher realms within your DNA structures.  It is an opening, a portal into untold mysteries and higher dimensional realms.  The height of the Egyptian dynasty was guided and secured by the Hathors and the Elohiem .  I also translate for the Elohiem as an Arch Angelic Channel, I have a commission to express all the  Christed Realms to bring forth Ascension Codes and Wisdoms for the evolution of humanity.  The Elohiem sound like angels, or a band width of angels, often in high tones and frequencies, your feelings soften and you understand cellularly the effortless ness of flow and continuity of the Christed Fields.  This alone is a great blessings, to be able to remember the feelings of  one’s original blueprint one’s Christed I AM resonance.

We enter the inner and middle Earth Realms, Pegasus takes us there.  Entering into the womb of the Whale Mothers, golden dolphins swim along with us, through gateways to sacred sites like Mount Kalish in Tibet, or Volcanos in Hawaii, finding our way to celestial fields of sun lite flowers, with birds, butterflys, the Tree of Life, a creek with a bridge and the snow covered Mount Kalish with the feminine reflective lake beneath.  Feeling the resonance of a land of peace and honey, balance and harmony, heaven on earth !!

The Lyrians are 7th dimensional beings of Light.  They would like to be introduced as totally committed to nonjudegement, unconditional and full acceptance of the guiding light within each and every human being.  It is there great honor to assist to transcend all inadequacy, and lack of self confidence that undermines each Soul.  It is there understanding that to create together this New Earth we must engage in more Fun, and Joy!  Without the honoring of this as a Christ Field each being must choose to cocreate a new life of ascended planes of accelerated spaciousness, which is Joy, Play, Fun, and Bliss!  It is humorous to the Lyrans how hard it is for us to let down our guard and engage in innocence .  The Faerys join us in our Sound Journey’s and bring forth an excelerated, high frequency with laughter, giggling, jokes, play and child like tones, and voices.  They are bridges for our ego realms to no longer distinguish between dualistic habitual pattern, and move into the 5th Dimensions of Light, Love, Sound, Geometry and Union!

Metatron joins me to work with the sacred geometry, the color, the precision.  He is an engineer of our Soul’s trajectory.  He brings replenishment, restoration, geometry, color and definition to protect and enhance our dimensional growth as we expand and evolve.  He often does Sound Codes and frequency tones that work with higher sacred geometry.


This is just a brief insight into this multidimensional world of the Language of Light from my journey and channeling experience with sound events and private clients.  There are many more stories to tell and share.  Try yourself,  after meditating  deeply, start to sound and tone, until you feel it hit the “soft” spot and it “sets” into yourself, and a deep and unbinding resonance comes to you.  Then you know you are in the Naad, the sound Naad of all that there is.  

Blessings to you,

Anjahlia kate loye





A good book resource is LIGHT LANGUAGE EMERGING, Activating Ascension Codes and Integrating Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit, BY  YVONNE PERRY   This is an excerpt from the book “ Light Language Emerging” by Yvonne Perry

by JameyPrice:

For eons, humans have been locked in a shallow understanding of who we are as spirit beings. While our linear thinking may help us feel safe, it can also limit us from communicating on a deep soul level with our Creator. It is when we bypass human reasoning, if only for a brief moment, that we tap into a realm where we join with something so pure and wonderful that it defies logical explanation. It is these moments that allow us to know that our experiences in those dimensions are more real than our daily lives that greatly ignore the divine aspect of who we are. Light is the language of the soul, which allows us to communicate directly with Source without the interference of the mind, while activating codes to assist with healing and restoration on all levels. Discover the sacred artistic tools of light language for opening DNA strands required for bodily ascension. Learn how to move in sync with Spirit to bring restoration to all creation as you integrate aspects of your multidimensional soul for a unified expression of your highest self. This book includes stories from people who are discovering light language through writing, singing, dancing, signing, and artistic creativity. The author shares her unusual personal experiences to demonstrate how multidimensional aspects of the soul are being incorporated into a unified expression of wholeness. Light Language Emerging helps to bring understanding to a vast, new, and unusual subject: the language of light. When it spontaneously started happening to me many years ago, I had no exposure to it, no one to turn to and no immediate answers. A book like this is not only a catalyst for opening, but it becomes a life line for those having unique experiences as their telepathic communications begin to activate. With Yvonne’s book, readers will come to understand their own multi-dimensional nature, their cosmic connection to their galactic family, and their ability to expand beyond limiting perceptions of self and life. ~ Jamye Price, light language channel, healer and teacher


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