Channeled for an ascension sound evening and an audio transmission recording is available upon request.


Council of Light is channeling and working with us tonite


In this portal many beings of light will join us…

bringing with them dispensations and rallying around our collective consciousness to administer exactly what is needed for us to fulfill our true nature.

Many of you are asking, yearning to experience what it is to feel purposeful, yes?  this is innate within you, dear ones.  the burning flame of recognition!  that burns unendingly , unextinquishable to reclaim that which you truly are.

We are here this evening to bring you directly and succinctly to your own transparent, naked admission of your selfless, true self. your very nature is unerringly dominant in its ability to be transparent, to reveal all that it is.  uncompromisingly, we say.  it is essential to remain uncompromising.  for if you betray yourself, then who will stand behind you and gently push you forward?  only you can make the final push.  i

it is this push that we are addressing tonite in the form of a sound journey.  we will bring you through multidimensional gateways of high frequency transmission that sing, and cajol your personality, soul and spirit into higher and higher states of consciousness.  once you are flying high, you realize your true spirit…how it can and may…fly,…fly high!   the rewards of this transmission give you the impetus to remain stowart.

Reclaiming that which is your birthright.

We are on the eve of a great revolution!  this revolution is going on inside you, outside of you, all around you, we say!

A type of blessing from on high is being surmounted for your highest benefit.  your nature is calling you home, we are calling you to return home.  to your Christed nature, your true blue I AM blueprint.  

We will be administering I AM CODES directly from the Hathorian field of love in tonal increments.

Tonite is an immaculate conception in as much as it is the precise astrology of the return.  the return of the divine mother, the divine feminine…as she gathers speed, reclaiming all the while her power, her honor, establishing her grace.

We see the change of humanity.  fearful, yet ready, full of incrimination ,yet fully present for a shift, for an awakening.

it is this awakening that is the dan structure realignment.

The masculine has been asleep or overactive, we say.  now,… he can awake and be present in the direct reflection of the divine feminine which will overtake him in direct and subtle ways,  yet administer to his every need and whim in all manners.  the balance between the harmony of the masculine and the feminine!  this we say, is a monumentous event!  to recalibrate an entire planet!  this is why there is such a hullabaloo, and rightly so!  an entire planet is involved in a shift that has never been experienced by the councils of light previously.  god and gaia are engaging in an unprecedented realignment.  a co- laboration, of all beings, all species, all of our purposes.

The immaculate conception is the apparent creation codex.  the implanting of the masculine seed, into the hearth and yoni of the feminine to receive in the prepared and refined bed!   through the veil wall, through the virgin hymen we go!  all of us together,  on a magical mysterious creation journey!  through the creation gateways to the self mastery of… self!!

A new type of unity consciousness!  a vibrant and loving field of light and glory.  the dawning of a new day.  a new beginning marked by this new moon of 11/11/15!  

blessed be, blessed be, blessed be!  Ahem!

Channeled by Anjahlia kate loye, Cosmic Shaman  11/11/15

Kate Anjahlia Loye