11/11 A MASTER NUMBER signifies intuition, insight and enlightenment.

An energetic doorway is being opened in which you will experience spiritual growth.  A message to become conscious and aware.  

“Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth - St Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-430)

Channeled by Anjahlia Mareesa Sheehan’s divine presence and Metatron

We welcome you warmly, beloved ones

Our hearts go out to each of you, in this welcome, this invitation.

We invite you upon this very day of 11/11/18 to step into the path that is the doorway to awakening.  Each day you have this opportunity, but to fully realize this is another commission.  On this day of 11/11/18 is the GATEWAY opportunity of collective consciousness growth, as well as individual growth.

Exponentially, together we co create a virgoning collaboration of mind/body/spirit that has the pure potential to fully engage in the God’s Field of surrender that will ultimately mate and merge with the Christ Grid’s and Mother Gaia’s pure creation potential to fully enamor a new state of consciousness in humanity’s field, and consciousness.

We speak of a gateway that merges with your ambition, your goals, so this is the day to align to your highest will.  To use your will divinely, we say.  Which is to co create with source.  To enter into a SOURCE CODE begins a new era of regeneration.  The Spirit, must marry with the Soul and join in the collaboration of one’s trajectory of Light.  To light the way!  It is a simple matter to establish one’s goals, and one’s goal systems to assert oneself into an atmosphere of divine light.  It is the directive of aligning to the light, to conjure the light from within and to outwardly direct this initiative forward.  It is the forward motivation that accelerates your Soul’s journey.  Your Ascension Gateway.  It is a personal move, we say.  Only you may take on this new commission.  Will you be guided by your Light?  Will you open to the virgioning acceleration of your SPIRIT GUIDES?  Will you let your process unwind, evolve into the mystery, into the unknown, and to journey as a free spirit, connected and attuned to this MYSTERY?  This is the new shaman of the New Earth.  Are you to be guided in this NEW LIGHT?  As many of you have felt, are you accessing the vast downloads of ACCELERATED LIGHT being showered upon you from on high?  These are all blessings.   Receiving them is another story.  You and only you can say YES, I WISH TO RECEIVE THESE HOLY BLESSINGS.  Upon which you may begin to feel downloads of vibrations at your sleeping times.  Your dreams may tell you important messages, and you may begin to listen.  Listen in a new way, beloved hearts.  In a more pure and unconditional way.  You find yourself more supported, and more willing to support others around you.  You may find you begin to attune to your primordial self.  To your accelerated primordial connection to the EARTH REALMS.  To our Mother GAIA, and the Assembly of Light.  Listening becomes a rare and valued gift.  Humbly we say, to act upon your heart.  Your inspirations.  Your dreams.  As you now are becoming collaborative with Spirit!  Here you have walked so easily through the Threshold of 11/11/18 and find yourself in awe!  That yes, you can become more fully inspired, more aware, more AWAKE!  It can be easy, you say.  Not a burden or difficult!  But to access from with your spark of divinity, your DIVINITY CODE OF LIGHT.  Which accesses an internal CENTRIX, a homing device, or a centering CODE.  From here is your command center.  Your majesty, your throne.  A type of a Light Ship, a Merkaba sits here in your seat.  This Light Ship gives you access, has a key, and a code to perform a natural reorganization within the hemispheres of your brain, your chakras, your Codes and DNA.  Restructuring, rearranging and preforming a recalibration!

And viola!  You are more definitely organized in a refracturing, reflective, relation - ship to all around you.  In fact, to all things.  You are now becoming more attuned and aligned.  Breath deeply, beloved one.  You are now through the GATEWAY and on your way… in your ship of light , merkaba!  

Designed just for you!  How will this serve you, and where shall you go…?

This we will continue together,… in our next blog, beloved hearts.


Anjahlia and Metatron

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Kate Anjahlia Loye