10:10 GATEWAY PROJECT facebook live and youtube . 60 min


MERKABA MEDITATION for integegration, expansion and deliverance of the New Hueman and Gaia’s GArden.

with Anjahlia, your favorite cosmic shaman

We are entering into a fast paced period of the rushing of our evolution, …personally and planetarily.

Many of you may have been feeling like it is  a bumpy ride lately.

As the old paradigm lets loose of its hold, and personally we let go of personal and collective karma, trauma, control mechanisms and challenges.  It may feel like life or death, you may be experiencing overwhelm, brain fogg, lethargy, and so it’s important to remember to “BE”.  The divine feminine is here now, so we have to let her in and that is the principal of the state of being, of the now, of nurturance and release.  THE FLOWING.  It valuable to start to shift your consciousness from control to flow.


The number 1 represents NEW BEGINNING

0 represents the ALPHA AND OMEGA- the death rebirth cycle and our inner connectedness with the divine

An opportunity to receive cosmic messages of primordial awakening as we enter a new doorway of this planets enlightenment program.

Who is Ashtar Command, the Pleiadianes, and the Arcturians, Metatron,.  Mother Gaia, the planetary keepers, the father of time, Mother Sekhtmet,  Creation Mothers, The Federation of light,  Blue Mother Mary, Jesus and the Magdelene, Sanat and Venus Kumara, the Hathors, Quan Yin and more.

We are entering into a time of great planetary expansion.  The paradigm is shifting, and a complex trajectory of galactic influence is being beamed upon the earth.  The human is shapeshifting.  The human Genome DNA strands are being magnified to replicate the original Adam Kadom.  The original state of the human.  The new human is this primordial origin.  A state of conscious awareness with all things at all times.  Inter connected, inter dependent, and co elaborative.  The New Earth Plan!

Today we will be guiding you on a star being intergalactic download.  We will call forth Metatron to open a group portal and collective MERKABA ship of light.

This is a sacred geometry that offers safe haven, as you expand and illuminate.  It’s organization co creates with your DNA structure to restructure you in the highest order for your being.  This also allows for safe downloads of the upcoming heightened frequencies and accelerations.  The CODES OF LIGHT.  Each of you has an ascension plan that is personal and perfect for you.  The MERKABA sacred vehicle is your attunement chamber.  So rely and count on your Merkaba Chamber to re organize and integrate your sacred structure.


We open a heart portal, attune to one and other.  Call in our christen I AM flames, as well as the flames of all others joining us.

Opening the 7 gateways of your heart.We open our pillars to the father Sun, the great central sun, the great great central sun and beyond.  

As our chakras open to received father wisdom, acknowledgment and knowing of  the library of light down loads. Acknowledging our truth and divinity.  Acknowledging the truth in each chakra.  Releasing all distortion, trauma, polarity, implants, negative though patterns. 

To recalibrate our DNA.

Soul Star, Crown, Brow, Pineal, Release and Transmission, Atomic Point, Point of Cosmic Consciousness,  Corpus Collusus, Amygdala, Hypothymus, Zeal, Throat, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Hara, Base.  Where we meet our Serpent awaiting us, who splits into 2 and coils intertwined as our kundalini illuminating.  Marring and joining  as  the ida and pignale, the kundalini, the masculine feminine balance dance.

Bringing the solar rays and codes into Gaia and the Womb of the Mother, the magma.  

The VOIDAL EMPTY/ALL of creation.  Becoming the eye of the creator.  Reflecting in your Merkaba geometry the reflection of the God Eye.  Reflecting all that you see, and all that you are.  Visioning Gaia’s great GARDEN!  The Eden of the heart of Oneness!

Honoring yourself and your puzzle piece on this 10:10 Gateway Opening!

Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be

Xoxox Anjahlia

See you for 11:11 and 12:12 on facebook live, and YouTube


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Kate Anjahlia Loye